5 Reasons Outsourcing Multimedia Services makes a Difference


Imagine you run a successful online retail store that sells video games. Your products are designed and developed for teenagers.

You realize that your web site is outdated and needs to be redesigned. You want to attract more customers. You decide that your web site needs to come alive with sound and video to make your products more interesting so that site visitors will be motivated to make a purchase.

You make a strategy to create each of your product pages so that they come alive with audio, video, and animation. Most of all, you want a site that will offer some kind of entertainment so that visitors do not navigate away from your site. You want your visitors to bookmark your site as the go-to site every time they need to buy products.

1. Why outsource your websites Audio, Video, Animation and other interactive features?

There are many reasons you should outsource your website’s audio, video, animation and other interactive features, but for the purposes of this guide, I will discuss the five most compelling reasons for a retail site to hire a talented online resource for these kinds of tasks. If your website is an information portal, you too can benefit from enhancing your website so that it stands out from the billions of other sites on the internet.

Reason # 1: Providers have the technical expertise

By studying your website, providers will know what programs and plug-ins to use for including audio, video, and other interactive features in your website. Their expertise covers not only what types of programs to use, but also whether you will need increased bandwidth and a more elaborate hosting package so that your pages download more rapidly.

Outsource your website’s interactive features! You want visitors to bookmark your site as the go-to in your niche?

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Reason # 2: You need technology that you do not have in-house

If you are not technically well informed, you will not know what the best technologies are for your kind of website. You will want to keep your website “intact” – meaning no broken links or annoying redirects. Remember that a successful interactive experience makes user navigation as smooth and as entertaining as possible.

Outsourcing Video Editing

Reason # 3: Static vs Dynamic

Your provider will be able to tell you which pages of your website should be static and which should be dynamic. Static web pages usually have no whistles and bells while dynamic web pages are meant to capture your visitor’s attention. For example, the “home”, “about us,” and “testimonials” pages could be developed as static pages, but your product pages, where you really want your visitors to focus, could be developed as dynamic pages.

Reason # 4: Content management

A provider will be able to recommend a content management system (CMS) for product pages, product reviews, testimonials, or discontinued products. This CMS will need to be updated regularly, and if you do not have the time, your provider would probably be willing to take on this additional task for you. You will also need to update promotions and sale items periodically.

Interactive experiences make user navigation as entertaining as possible. Outsource multimedia services today!

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Reason # 5: SEO

Search engine optimization matters. You can sell the most awesome products on the planet, but if people are not visiting your site, you will not be able to sell anything. Providers with audio and video expertise should also have the relevant SEO expertise to pull in traffic and must be willing to collaborate with your SEO expert.

2. Multimedia tasks that can be outsourced

Many jobs that can be outsourced online fall under the multimedia services category. There are a variety of reasons for needing multimedia services, but whatever the purpose, freelancers are available to help.

Here is a brief list of some of the tasks that can be outsourced:

1. Graphic Art

Graphic art includes art that is created digitally rather than by using mediums such as paints, pencils, markers, chalks, etc. They may assist you in creating collateral like websites, billboards, stationary, and other professional resources and materials. 

Graphic artists typically specialize, so it’s important to have a clear idea of what you need before you begin interviewing and filtering out applicants.

2. Photography

Photography is a major industry, and having access to quality photos that you can freely use can make a big difference in your business’ image. Freelance photographers are easy to find, but you want to look for someone who has experience in your niche or area of business.

3. 3D Modeling and Animation

These service providers can take flat images and make them 3D, and they can bring your sketches and cartoons to life. 3D modeling serves to create more realistic images, while animations are becoming increasingly popular business and marketing tools.

Outsourcing Audio

4. Audio Production

Audio production is required for projects such as narration and sound effects which can contribute to websites, products, and marketing resources. While it’s not as complicated or technical as some of the other multimedia services, it still requires an experienced and talented individual to carry out the job.

5. Music Production

This may be required to produce soundtracks, jingles, and television and internet commercials. It can also be used for creating videos for the company website or videos that feature product descriptions. Prices may vary depending on the type of music needed and level of skill required.

Multimedia services can be outsourced online are are Photography, 3D Modeling & Animation & audio-video production.

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6. Video Production

Video production is necessary for many of the same reasons as music production. Video production providers take part in creating television and internet commercials, product description videos, infomercials, training materials, and more. With the captivating nature of video, this type of project is one of the most effective methods for training, marketing, and selling.

7. Written Material

Written material is often a necessary component of multimedia productions. Training videos, for example, will require texts and scripts. You’ll want to hire a writer who has done this type of work before and can prove their expertise.

You will also likely need a copywriter at some point to assist you in creating ads and other marketing materials. These can be found and outsourced through the internet as well.

3. What should I expect from my provider?

Any provider that you work with should be professional and reliable. This means that they provide regular updates, attend meetings, and deliver work on time. They should also be able to demonstrate work-related skills as well as those that are necessary to complete the project successfully. For example, it’s a good idea to verify language fluency by requesting a writing sample before hiring your provider. This is important because they may need to understand complex concepts communicated to them, and you need to understand them as well.

It’s also important to verify a provider’s experience by contacting their professional references and asking about their conduct on past projects. It’s better to work with providers who have more than just an education. You’ll want to work with people who have job experience, preferably a few years. If your providers have job experience, they’ll be better equipped to deal with problems as they arise and they’ll be more familiar with the general protocol of freelancing for clients.


Multimedia services are necessary for a variety of reasons. They are vital for print ads, television and radio commercials, training materials, and more. It’s possible to outsource multimedia services online as long as the provider has internet access and tools such as software and equipment. Services that can be outsourced include graphic art, photography, 3D modeling and animation, audio production, music production, video production, written material, and many more.

Multimedia print ads, television and radio commercials, training materials, and more can be Outsourced online!

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When outsourcing these projects, it’s important to ensure your provider’s professional conduct, availability, and experience. You can verify your provider’s experience by contacting their former employers, and you can also verify their skills by requesting samples of their work and their writing.

We hope that this overview has piqued your interest for considering whether online outsourcing is right for you. If you're ready for the next step, check out our books and the many freelance marketplaces to explore how freelancers can help.

If you liked this article or have anything to say about any of the points made, please leave a comment below, we would love to hear your views. Thank you.

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