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Anatomy of the Freelance Marketplace

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When posting a job on any freelance website, one must fill in forms. These forms change every now and then as the individual websites get smarter. This book outlines the standard options and user interfaces available through, and, each one similar to the others. Since this book’s initial writing, user interfaces have changed; while we strive to keep our information up-to-date, there are some things we can’t.

Gradually, these websites get smarter in their abilities to anticipate the needs of the employer and gather information to make things easier for the freelancer. These websites understand that different requirements are needed for different job categories and technologies. What once were simple web forms have now become sophisticated wizards for capturing detailed job requirements.

Gradually, these websites get smarter in their abilities to anticipate the needs of the employer and gather information to make things easier for the freelancer. These websites understand that different requirements are needed for different job categories and technologies. What once were simple web forms have now become sophisticated wizards for capturing detailed job requirements.

Smart Websites


What is a Freelance Marketplace?

It is a website where freelance service providers advertise their services through their profiles. It is a place where buyers of outsourcing services create profiles, so they can advertise their projects, so freelancers can bid on them. Freelancers look through the posted projects for jobs they are interested in working. If they find something they can do, and the client’s budget is worthwhile, they write and send a response, place a bid, and wait to see if the client contacts them for an interview.

Since the beginning of the century, freelance websites started appearing on the Internet. People from all over the world started getting involved. Some websites became very large and had thousands of freelancers and clients doing work in many different categories. As these websites grew larger, they started to merge into even larger marketplaces of millions of people, and many millions of dollars were changing hands every month.

Now, there are many well-established sites with excellent reputations and huge freelancer and client communities. The quality of the work available has improved with the changes in technology, and these types of marketplaces are enormously responsible for the growth of the internet and both small and large businesses worldwide.

What Does This Mean to You?

Well, let’s start by introducing three of the most established freelance marketplaces in the world – Upwork, Guru and Hopefully you will begin to see for yourself exactly what this can mean for you.

Chapter 1 | Freelance 101

Freelance work is defined as providing services on a contract basis for different clients and companies. Freelancers are self-employed people who are free to choose who to work for and what projects to work on.

Freelance work is usually related to these categories:

  • Marketing: marketing manager, marketing coordinator. These freelancers work on creating and establishing various brands’ strategies. They research and analyze results in order to improve a client’s business. They often manage the company’s website and update its content.
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    Management of business projects: project analyst, project manager. They work on supervising various strategies between the company that employed them and their clients. They come up with different plans and strategies and make sure the team works according to those plans. 
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    Web development: web content developer, web application developer. They create the structural content for companies’ websites. They also implement and test web-based applications. Web developers also work on managing server-side applications and technical support. 
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    Writing: article writer, copywriter, editor, content writer, blog writer, technical writer. Their job is to create the best articles about given topics and to check them for spelling and grammar. They often write technical specifications, documentation, or operation manuals. Additionally, writers do a lot of researching and editing. 
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    Social media: community manager, social media coordinator. Their job is to manage and update social media platforms related to one company. They also come up with various mobile, social, and online strategies. Community managers are also responsible for publishing website content and for promoting their employers’ companies on Facebook, Twitter, and other social media websites. 
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    Graphic design: communications designer, digital designer, visual designer. They are responsible for the visual design of applications, websites, and games and for generating marketing ideas. Graphic designers also design and create graphics, emails, and applications. Additionally, they choose and edit photos that are meant to be used on websites or social media. 
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    Administrative assistance: personal assistant. With the rise in technology, hiring an online personal assistant has become a possibility and reality for people all around the world. They arrange meetings and travel. Personal assistants manage their employers’ calendars and conduct research for them. Additionally, they handle correspondence with the employers’ clients and take care of reports and files, often maintaining the employers’ databases as well. 

The modern way of life comes with tight schedules and a lot of pressure to get things done. In order to successfully finish every task, one needs help from someone on the “outside.” Outsourcing services has become the standard manner of conducting business.

Conducting Business

Freelancing is beneficial to both clients and freelancers. Clients get the service they pay for in the time frame they agree upon with the freelancer, and freelancers have the ability to earn money. With the rise of the Internet, a number of freelance websites have developed. Freelance websites offer services for both employers and freelancers. Companies and other clients are able to publish job posts and hire the most suitable freelancers for a certain project.

The Benefits of Hiring Freelancers

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    No limits: With online freelance websites, you are not limited to hiring local people. A person perfect for your project may be in another country or even on another continent. 
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    Saving Money: Prices vary by region. In your area, maybe you would have to pay more for certain services, but someone else from another country may be able to do the same job for less cost.
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    Specialization: With the improvement of technology also come new skills and specializations. Whereas before, an employer might have to train an editor how to work with specific software or choose someone with French skills over someone with writing skills, but today employers can select from specialists in numerous areas of technology, language, marketing, etc. 
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    No work schedules: When you hire a freelancer, there is no limitation of work, and there is no schedule. When you choose to buy an outsource service, you choose a deadline and the time the freelancer has to submit the project. There is no nine-to-five business day. There are no business hours, and other limitations can be set as needed. 
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    Reduced bureaucracy and paperwork: Buying outsource services online requires only a limited bureaucracy whereas employing a person in a traditional way requires a great deal of paperwork and support.
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    Mutual benefit: With the right negotiations and responsible freelancers, both you and the person whose service you buy can benefit.

There are two types of jobs you can create on freelance websites: fixed-price and hourly jobs.

How to Determine the Type of Job While Creating the Job Post

Deciding what type of job, you are offering is not a complex process. If you have a specific project and you have already defined the rules, regulations, and process of the work that has to be done, you should choose a fixed-price job. When the contract starts, you will be able to assign milestones to freelancers and give the time frame of the milestones’ duration. When they are done, you choose whether to approve and pay or to return the work if there are any mistakes.

However, if you only know what project you want to offer but are not sure how to conduct it or if you cannot specifically define the progress of the job, you should choose the hourly job type. You will have the chance to discuss everything with the freelancer you choose, and you can determine the amount of money to pay per hour.

Throughout this book, a variety of freelance websites will be introduced and you, as a buyer of outsourced services, will be able to determine where to look for good freelancers and how to successfully finish every project that includes hiring a freelancer’s service.

These websites are:

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NOTE: All work that is done on the above websites is paid in US dollars. Therefore, if you’re not from the United States, make sure you know the value of the dollar in relation to your currency in order to pay freelancers correctly.

The anatomy of the freelance marketplace will be discussed, and you will be shown why hiring outsource services can be good for one’s business.

Being Informed

As a client, or buyer of the outsourced service, you are entitled to be fully informed about the operation and procedure of the place where you look for people who can handle your projects...

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