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Freelancing is an art, its a way to earn a living by utilizing one’s skills without committing to any employer long-term. Freelancers lend their services to several clients/customers at a time, potentially having several active contracts at once. 

This form of employment has become popular in recent years thanks, in part, to the internet providing an array of platforms and opportunities for both freelancers and clients to get work done. Freelance websites come with many different specializations, requirements, price ranges, and methods for attracting clients in need. 

For your convenience, we have compiled a list of the most popular freelance marketplaces available today.

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Upwork is one of the most popular freelance websites with millions of freelancers specializing in many different industries. It’s free for freelancers to sign up and set up a profile, and clients can set up an account and post a job without paying membership fees. Eligible freelancers bid for jobs, and clients choose which freelancer they want to work with based on proposals, interviews, resumes, work samples, and Upwork suggestions.

Clients can also browse freelancer profiles and contact them directly about work. Common job categories include writing, web development, virtual assistance, accounting, and marketing. Upwork takes a fee from the freelancer’s earnings, so there’s no additional cost for clients and workers.

Specialization: None. Upwork is a standard freelancing website with multiple categories.


Guru is currently one of the most popular freelance websites for freelancers and buyers around the world. It has amassed over 1.5 million freelancers, and it offers one of the largest selections of freelancer profiles in categories such as web and software, writing and translation, sales and marketing, administrative support, and legal. 

You can also post a job and choose the best freelancer who applies if you don’t want to reach out to freelancers directly. Guru is free to use and allows buyers and freelancers to communicate and share files through the website, so they never have to give out personal information.

Specialization: None. Guru features freelancers and services in a wide range of areas.


Freelancer is one of the most popular freelance websites. It operates on a bidding system which allows buyers to post a job and choose the best bidder. Buyers only pay for completed work when they are 100% satisfied and are under no obligation to pay for unsatisfactory results. Buyers can also correspond with freelancers directly through the website, limiting the need to give out personal information to strangers. 

Contests make Freelancer even better for buyers because it gives them the option to choose from an array of completed work while only having to pay for the work they want to use.

Specialization: This website is best suited for freelancers with technical skills such as web and software development, graphic design, and other business services.


Golance is an online work platform that offers not only job connections for freelancers, but tools like time tracking, a work diary, and metrics reporting. Once a freelancer builds a GoLance profile, they can search and apply for jobs. After completion, hourly jobs are paid on a weekly basis and fixed price jobs are paid by milestone.

One unique offering from GoLance is a payday advance system. This enables freelancers, once approved, to access cash even before their project has been completed. Clients can also get a percentage of cash back, which is paid from the freelancer’s 7.95% commission fee.

Specialization: GoLance posts a variety of jobs, mainly focused on business administration, but also have offerings for developers and market researchers.


Zeerk is an online market for “micro jobs.” There are a number of different ways to connect on the site, whether seeking jobs or searching for talent to complete jobs. On the site’s home page, clients can choose from a several pre-packaged services mainly aimed at increasing social media traffic. There’s also a list of “buyer requests” that freelancers can send custom offers for.

Zeerk provides instructions for signing up in a variety of languages like Portuguese, Spanish, Ukrainian, and French. Freelancers are paid immediately upon job completion, and Zeerk charges a commission of 10%. Posting services is free.

Specialization: Zeerk is open to any services people are willing to buy and sell, ideal for singers, writers, SEO experts, and marketing pros.


Speedlancer offers several job categories that freelancers can apply for. Although they change based on customer need, representative categories are: data entry, senior content writer, video editor, virtual assistants, and marketing designers. If these offerings don’t quite fit the bill, freelancers can sign up for email updates when additional openings become available. Jobs are generally in English and request freelancers in the United States, but many will accept international freelancers.

If Speedlancer is accepting applications for a particular category, the applicant, once accepted, will enter a pool of potential team members in that category. Tasks are routed to the team and individuals bid on those jobs. Payout happens once tasks are completed, although funds are not held in escrow by Speedlancer. Businesses who hire through Speedlancer can utilize either PayPal or credit card to make payments.

Specialization: All applicants to Speedlancer must have PR/media and SEO experience.


Folyo is one of the few freelancing companies that runs over email and doesn’t take a cut or commission from the freelancer’s income. The free membership allows access to a limited amount of projects and emails from Folyo will include advertisements. To increase access and avoid the ads, a Pro membership is available at $39 per month.

Projects being offered are evaluated for quality by the Folyo team before they’re sent out. Once a project has been vetted, Folyo connects the client with designers, who then connect on their own to discuss the project.

Specialization: Folyo is aimed at freelancers with design experience.

Writer Help Wanted

WriterHelpWanted allows people to submit jobs and connect with a pool of talented writers. It’s free to list jobs and, once approved, listings will remain on the site for two weeks. If the job hasn’t been filled, users can relist. From the website, job seekers and clients alike can access Writer Help Wanted’s blog, quizzes, contact info and job submissions.

There’s even a free guide called 34 Ways to Profit From Your Writing. In order to access available jobs, freelance writers have to become a member of the site. The support center will allow those with questions to submit a trackable support ticket.

Specialization: Writer Help Wanted is geared for people looking tor writing talent and those looking for jobs.


Fiverr is currently one of the most popular freelance marketplaces, and it offers many high-quality services for just $5.00. You can browse service providers in a variety of categories including advertising, music and audio, and fun and lifestyle. It’s easy to join and uses secure technology to carry out all buyer and seller transactions.

Fiverr allows for easy communication with freelancers through the website, so buyers never have to give out their personal contact information. They also have a 24-hour customer support team ready to help with any problems.

Specialization: None. Fiverr offers services in multiple categories.


Truelancer caters to buyers and providers of quality work in graphic design, writing, programming and technical support, administrative assistance, sales and marketing, music and audio, and more. Sign up for free with Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn, or your own Truelancer account. Buyers interested in receiving multiple options post a contest and await freelancers to submit proposals, selecting the best candidate for the job. Truelancer is easy to navigate with its card layout. Look through projects posted by freelancers to find a good match, or search through the list of freelancers working in your field. Buyers can also post projects free of charge for freelancers to peruse. Freelancers pay a 10% fee per project.

However, the site offers membership packages offering more perks and a smaller percentage taken by Truelancer for $5.00, $10.00, or $50.00 per month. Like buyers, freelancers can post projects they’re able to do for any interested parties, or else search for interesting projects or participate in the contests. Truelancer is one of the more inclusive and expansive freelance websites out there.

Specialization: None. Truelancer offers jobs in many categories for quality freelancers.

LinkedIn ProFinder

LinkedIn ProFinder is a marketplace that helps you find local freelancers offering professional services in your area. Freelancers with complete profiles are likely to be hired. Some of the professional services include executive coaching, tax consulting, certified public accounting, PR consulting and business law, and more. Freelancers can apply to be among the service providers on this website.

ProFinder is easy to use since you only need to post what you want, then you’ll receive free proposals from promising hires in your area. LinkedIn ProFinder is governed by ProFinder terms and conditions, LinkedIn’s privacy policy, and the ProFinder user agreement. Currently, the site is only available in the US.

Specialization: The site lists specific service categories as mentioned above.


TaskArmy is a micro job website that allows freelancers to create services for others to purchase. The site uses a card layout, enabling buyers to quickly browse hundreds of services in different categories including copywriting, virtual assistance, translation, design, web development, and marketing. Freelancers offer their services with a flat or hourly rate, depending on the type of job and the preference of the freelancer.

To help you decide which to choose, each service card offers a description of the service, ratings, feedback, and information on the freelancer. All services are manually approved to eliminate scamming and other unethical practices.

Specialization: None. The site offers services in all categories.


Codeable is the only freelancer site that works exclusively with the WordPress platform. WordPress developers first go through an application and vetting process. Clients are also vetted and are turned down if they don’t meet Codeable’s standards.

Freelancers are guaranteed a minimum rate of $70 - $120 per hour and Codeable accepts payments from clients via PayPal, credit card, and e-checking. Over half of those clients return to the site to offer more work. Services provided range from plug-in development and complete website builds to troubleshooting and e-commerce development. They offer support through email with reply times averaging ten minutes.

Specialization: Codeable is suitable for freelancers who are intimately familiar with WordPress code and development.


Workhoppers is a site that posts positions for freelance, contract, temporary, or part-time job seekers. Those posting jobs can use Workhoppers to not only find help outsourcing, but also connect those positions to their social media accounts. Self-described as “built like a dating site,” Workhoppers uses algorithms to match clients and candidates. Freelancers build their profile, indicating what their schedules are and location preferences.

Email alerts and a personalized dashboard inform candidates when there are matching open positions. After a job is finished, freelancers get paid 100% of earnings and can request client reviews.

Specialization: Workhoppers is ideal for university students, stay-at-home parents, and semi-retired job seekers.


Zirtual is a Freelance Website focusing on providing virtual assistants for work and personal needs. Both ordinary people and business worldwide seek virtual services from the Zirtual platform. Zirtual is a US based business who thoroughly vet all Virtual Assistants through their multi step vetting process testing them for technical skills, creativity and resourcefulness, selecting only the very best VA's from the thousands of applicants that apply.

All VA's are in the United States and can work in any time zone that you prefer, with clients in over 60 countries means working on Zirtual is available to everyone.

Specialization:  Zirtual specializes in providing fully screened Virtual Assistants for the US and world market.


Credo provides SEO and digital marketing services for businesses. They offer content marketing, link building, Google Adwords, Facebook Ads, and job boards among their many services. Clients first connect with the Credo team for an initial assessment before they are matched with an agency or consultant.

They can then review proposals and consult with providers before they decide who to hire. Clients typically have budgets upwards of $1,000. Potential freelancers must become Annual members and access to the network is limited. Credo also offers Preferred membership on an invite-only basis. Although they do not take a portion of the project costs, they do charge an annual listing fee.

Specialization: Credo is well-suited for professionals and agencies who primarily work with SEO and PPC marketing.


Dribbble is one of the fastest growing privately-owned companies in the United States. 100% of their employees work remotely. Membership is invitation only unless you purchase a Pro membership at $5 per month. The free account offers a place to upload photos and videos of previous work, exchange comments, and seek work opportunities.

As a freelancer or a team, members can set parameters for projects and be matched with clients who fit those requirements. One of the unique features of Dribbble is the community engagement between designers.

Specialization: Dribbble is geared toward freelancers experienced in product design, front-end development, and graphic arts.


Hired has four locations and operates internationally in the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, and France. Their job offerings are primarily remote technical work, but also include design and management opportunities. After creating a profile on the site, freelancers await company offers and can compare these offers side-by-side to pick their best salary and project matches.

Hired also provides interview coaching and negotiation tips. As a freelancer, Hired is free to use, but only 5% of submitted profiles are accepted onto the platform. Users can refer friends and colleagues to Hired and get rewarded with cash and prizes

Specialization: Hired is for software engineers, product managers, data scientists, and designers seeking permanent or contract work.

Hubstaff Talent

Hubstaff Talent works with freelancers and agencies to connect with business owners looking for remote talent. There are no fees for either party as it’s essentially a directory for searching and matching. After completing a freelancer profile, companies can select who they want to work with and negotiate terms directly.

Pay is also made directly between the company and the freelancer or agency. There is an optional, paid Hubstaff package that includes things like time tracking, automatic payroll, and team analytics. This platform is open to freelancers with a variety of expertise; everything from Database Administration and Website Management to Blog Post Writing and WordPress Content.

Specialization: Hubstaff is open to freelancers of all sorts, whether writing code, doing data entry, or functioning as a personal assistant. is a platform designed to connect freelance software developers with clients. Their site boasts triple-vetted freelancers, 90% of whom are hired on their first introduction. The company employs a thorough vetting process based on: professional review, technical assessment, character assessment, and reference checks. In the case of conflicts with clients, has their freelancers’ backs.

The site has received positive reviews from HackerNews and Reddit and their podcast, Frontier, helps freelancers answer some of the common questions in the business. To start with, freelancers must fill out a short application and questionnaire.

​​​​Specialization: is exclusively for freelance software developers.


Bark works to revolutionize the way people access or provide local services online. Bark’s website makes it easy to hire local service freelancers, as well as getting the fastest free quotes. On this website, clients must provide the service they need, where they need it, and a few details of the work they need completing.

Once interested professionals reply, clients view their messages, reviews, and profile details on Bark, then choose the best freelancers who suit their needs. Some of the freelancers you can hire include mechanics, accountants, photographers, caterers, and many more.

Specialization: The site is perfect for clients looking for local services.

The Loop

The Loop is an Australian career website for the creative community. It deals with a wide range of categories including illustrators, designers, video editors, photographers, creative and art directors, and many more.

The website boasts an incredible 125,000 professionals in all states and has been used by over 25,000 of the world’s top brand leaders to explore and find talented creatives using the Loop.  Some of the top world’s brands recruiting here include BBC Worldwide, Uber, Spotify, kikki.K, and MTV.

Specialization: The Loop is perfect for hiring outstanding creatives in Australia.


CloudPeeps, with its many independent professionals, business management system, and member-driven community, helps you search for and hire experienced freelancers. The client first posts the job, then receives proposals from the "peeps" community to connect with and hire, giving freelancers opportunities to show off their best quality work.

The site is available in over 150 countries and is trusted by 20,000 customers.

Specialization: CloudPeeps is a website enhancing the searching and hiring of independent professionals/freelancers.


Craigslist is a US freelance website with sections designed for housing, jobs, services, items wanted, items for sale, resumes, community, gigs, and discussion forums. The website is available in about 70 countries and is estimated to receive over 20 billion views every month.

Currently, this versatile site is popular among people who use Craigslist for dating. As a bonus, the site employs a flagging system to fight inappropriate and illegal postings.

Specialization: None. The site offers a wide range of services.


Project4Hire is a freelance marketplace that brings a variety of freelancers to buyers in need. Freelancers and buyers sign up and post jobs completely free of charge. The basic freelance membership is free, but a premium upgrade is available for only $10.00 per month. Without premium membership, freelancers must pay $5.00 to claim each project.

Freelancers bid for each job by submitting the payment they’re willing to accept for completing the work. Buyers have the option to use SafePay to pay their freelancers for optimum security. Job categories include accounting and finance, languages and translation, software and programming, business and legal, and much more.

Specialization: Project4Hire features freelance opportunities in multiple industries.

Student Freelance


Student Freelance was created to connect employers in need of assistance with American freelance students looking for work. The website is designed to keep students employed while stimulating the US economy and providing the talent employers need.

Student Freelance is a free service for both student freelancers and employers. It also offers messaging within the website. Workers must verify that they are students using their school email before bidding for any jobs. Bidding is competitive, and the job usually goes to the lowest bidder with the most experience and best application.

Specialization: Student Freelance is a freelance marketplace that targets American students and companies.


JobBoy is dedicated to helping talented workers find good jobs. It currently works with thousands of freelancers from all over the world. Freelancers sign up for free and can begin making money instantly. Employers who post jobs can hire from the pool of freelance applicants within a few days of posting.

JobBoy uses secure payment systems like PayPal and Payza to complete transactions between clients and workers. The website doesn’t specify which types of categories it specializes in, if any, but it seems to be open to all industries. Freelancers must earn a minimum of $10.00 before withdrawing their money.

Specialization: None. JobBoy is a standard freelancer website that is open to professionals in all industries.

Online Writing Jobs

Online Writing Jobs allows talented freelance writers in the US to create an account and attract work through the website. People in need of professional writers can browse the site by subject matter, such as the automotive, medical, travel, science, and education areas.

To hire a writer, fill out the contact form describing your content needs, then wait to be connected to an expert. Interested writers must apply and submit a writing sample. Writers are paid on a weekly basis through PayPal once they start receiving assignments.

Specialization: Online Writing Jobs is a team of US freelancers offering specialized writing services.


JoomLancers is an online service that offers Joomla/Drupal/Oscommerce web development projects to buyers. Buyers register and create their profiles free of charge and can begin posting projects and receiving bids from thousands of registered freelancers. Buyers have the option to pay a 10% fee for projects or subscribe to the Gold membership for $10.00 per month. 

Freelancers withdraw their payments after a project is completed and approved. Buyers browse providers and their feedback and contact them directly about a project. Freelancers can also take tests in a variety of categories to boost their profiles and improve their chances of being chosen for a job.

Specialization: JoomLancers is a freelance marketplace for Joomla! web developers.


DailyPosts is one of the more popular online writing services. It’s well known for its copywriting and SEO content writing services, like website content, marketing copy, and e-commerce copy. Clients select the content price depending on the project budget, then deliver your content from their freelancers at an agreed time. 

Payment processing options include Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and PayPal.

Specialization: This website is best for content writing and copywriting services.


RapidWorkers is a micro job website that allows over 100,000 crowdsourced workers to make money fast while employers get the services they need. Some of the most commonly requested services include blogging, reviews, and social media following. For both workers and employers, signing up is quick and easy, taking a matter of seconds.

Workers select the job they want to complete, submit their tasks, and get paid through PayPal or Skrill. Fees apply for starting a new campaign and for withdrawing one’s money from the site. Workers must earn a minimum of $8.00 before they can withdraw funds.

Specialization: RapidWorkers is a micro task site with quick and simple tasks crowdsourced to workers.


Damongo is an online micro job market for every type of freelancer. Since 2012, they've been connecting businesses with professional freelancers in an array of industries including graphic design, writing, and online marketing. Damongo makes it easy to browse through freelancer services with a modern card layout and allows users to view feedback and reviews from other buyers.

It's also safe to use, securing every transaction so that buyers don’t have to worry about fraud or theft. Damongo's best feature is the simple interface that makes it easy for first-time outsourcers to get started.

Specialization: None. Site covers most commonly outsourced industries.


MiniJobz is a micro job website which connects employers to workers fast. It’s free for everyone to join, run a campaign, or begin working immediately. Employers only pay for satisfactory work and can request specific types of workers for the job. Workers are paid instantly for completed tasks.

MiniJobz works with PayPal and Payza and is available to people both internationally and within the US. Not only are MiniJobz tasks easy and simple to perform, they provide a quick way for workers to make extra cash while employers get the services they need.

Specialization: Micro task site with a variety of categories.


OneShift is a micro job site dedicated to matching people with the work of their choice. OneShift is simple to use, whether you want to hire someone or find work. Create a profile to get instant job matches.

For your convenience, OneShift saves your resume, cover letter, and contact information. After you apply for your instant matches, finding more is as easy as typing keywords, job titles, and locations.

Specialization: OneShift has no specialization since it offers a wide range of jobs.


Gigblasters is a micro job site dedicated to connecting talented freelancers to buyers at an affordable price. Unlike other micro job sites, Gigblasters is a little less versatile in its categories, but it still offers a wide range of freelance services in areas like business, advertising, music and audio, and photography.

Most of the featured gigs are $5.00 to $10.00, but the price of a job can be as high as $500.00. You can browse services within each category or subcategory and view the ratings and feedback for each service offered by a freelancer.

Specialization: None. Gigblasters offers services in multiple categories.

Smashing Magazine

Smashing Magazine offers a comprehensive list of regular and freelance jobs on its job board. It allows employers and freelancers to post jobs and respond to postings in various categories, like design and programming. Smashing has assisted companies such as Amazon, Tesla Motors, and Nokia. Smashing Jobs guarantees postings will be featured in Smashing Magazine, as well as in the Smashing Newsletter, which has over 200,000 subscribers.

Jobs listed on Smashing are also posted on Indeed, FlexJobs, and Simply Hired. Freelance job postings are charged $75.00 and full-time postings cost $225.00. Job postings appear online for 60 days maximum.

Specialization: Design and programming job board for freelance and full-time positions.

ProBlogger Jobs

ProBlogger Jobs job board is one of the most popular for freelance writers. Writers can find blogging jobs in all areas including parenting, business, technology, health, and more. Qualified writers find jobs through the job board and can apply through the site for free or by following instructions provided by the poster.

Bloggers also have the option to sign up for keyword-based email job alerts at zero additional cost. Businesses and individuals can post a job to Pro Blogger for only $70.00, and the post will stay active for up to 30 days.

Specialization: Job board for bloggers.


Coroflot brings exposure and opportunities to designers, architects, artists, animators, and many other professionals. Not every person will be accepted to join the Coroflot community, and only people with impressive backgrounds and experience will be able to create a portfolio there. Employers can seek out talented professionals by browsing by category or using a keyword search.

There is also a job board to help freelancers and professionals find new employment opportunities. Packages for posting a job range from $275.00 to $1,850.00 and postings stay active for up to 90 days.

Specialization: None. Coroflot works with professionals in all industries.


Toptal is a network of top-quality freelancers in software development, design, and finance. Only the highest rated freelancers are eligible to join Toptal, and the site connects the top 3% of freelancers to buyers in need. To connect with a freelancer, provide information about what you need, and Toptal will find your perfect match.

There is a no-risk trial period when working with new freelancers, so buyers don’t have to worry about paying for unsatisfactory services. Buyers can also browse top freelancer profiles and contact them directly to discuss work. Prices vary depending on whether buyers want to hire by the hour, part-time, or full-time.

Specialization: Toptal is a social network where buyers can meet top freelancers.


TopCoder is a crowdsourcing website dedicated to offering top quality work from designers, developers, and data scientists at an affordable price. With over one million members, it’s easy for buyers to find what they’re looking for. Registration is free for all users.

Freelancers can join challenges and submit ideas and designs. Challenges include prizes up to several thousand dollars or as low as zero. Freelancers can filter challenges to find opportunities in their areas of expertise, or else view them all and start participating.

Specialization: TopCoder specializes in crowdsourcing web development.


HexiDesign is a crowdsourcing website for design projects, offering help with the creation of logos, stationery, and website designs. Users sign up for free, post projects online, review submitted designs, then choose their favorite.

The best designer wins the prize money (based on the buyer’s established budget and received via Visa or Mastercard), and the buyer gets the full copyright for the design. Pricing starts at $224.00 for logos and up to $451.00 for small website designs. HexiDesign offers a money-back guarantee for those unsatisfied with the designs submitted to their contest.

Specialization: Hexi Design is a crowdsourcing website for design projects.


SquadHelp is popular among those who are searching for the perfect name for their company. The site engages naming experts in a contest to guide you through their naming process. SquadHelp also offers you a chance to view their hand-picked group of premium names, which are readily available for purchase, as well as a visual name search.

SquadHelp ranks as one of the largest collections of naming experts across the world with over 15,000 naming projects and over 75,000 creatives. The site uses agency-level features to allow you to pick your name without biased feedback.

Specialization: SquadHelp specializes in naming contests as well as an instant purchase of business names.

Envato Studio

Envato Studio provides a space for talented designers, web developers, and more to offer their services to buyers in need. Services available include logo design and branding, programming, copywriting, marketing, app development, and video and animation. Prices range from $40.00 to $1,000.00, depending on the type of job, its duration, and complexity. The card layout makes it easy to browse through services in each category, and each job features the freelancer's information, its price, description, turnaround time, ratings, and the occasional demo.

Registration in areas of expertise does not guarantee acceptance, but once permitted to sell services on the site, freelancers can begin earning immediately. Payments are made via PayPal, Moneybookers, or Payoneer.

Specialization: None. Envato Studio caters to professionals in multiple industries.


Krop  is a freelance portfolio website that serves as a hub for interaction between Creatives and prospective employers. Krop contains over 2000 portfolios from several creatives offering prospective employers the chance to carefully pick the best talent for their projects. Krop is a hub for both creatives and prospective employers, bridging the gap between both parties.

Creatives can also exhibit their work by uploading their portfolio on the platform. A good portfolio would improve a creative’s chance to get a project as most employers often seek out only the best freelancers for their projects.

Specialization: Most employers on this platform seek creatives on a freelancing basis.


Crowded is an online job board and a recruitment platform that connects prospective employees to potential employers. Unlike most other recruitment platforms, offers potential employers a platform to interact directly with prospective employees through real time chatting. The recruitment platform cuts across the board and allows employers direct involvement in finding the appropriate person for their organization.

Crowded also uses an Applicant Tracking System that helps monitor progress levels and current employment standing of applicants. This helps to avoid multiple recruitment of an applicant and other similar cases. The system is designed to streamline the applicants based on their skills. This also helps prospective employers find the most suited talent for their organization’s needs.

Specialization: The recruitment platform allows employers direct involvement in finding the appropriate person for their organization.


Crowdsource is a freelance marketplace and specializes in providing companies with a skilled and scalable workforce. With a large hub of human resources, the website is designed to help companies tend to their professional needs by using its huge hub of experts. With specialization in Copywriting, Data analysis, Transcription and Content moderation, the workforce comprises several freelancers and qualified workers who are certified experts in their various fields.

The website allows direct interaction with experts who have been carefully selected across several channels. The major goal is to help you achieve your desired results by using only the most capable hands.

Specialization: Specialization in copywriting, data analysis, transcription and content moderation.


Aquent is an online service that helps organizations solve creative, digital and marketing staffing problems. Understanding the intricacies that come with handling the recruitment, training, nurturing and remuneration of creative, digital and marketing staff, the agency helps organizations get the best staff to handle their projects on a full-time, part-time or freelance basis.

Aquent offers growing organizations, that cannot manage to employ creative staff on a full-time basis, the chance to get the best talent to handle their work without having to worry about the downsides that come with using regular freelancers. However, for full-time employees, they help organizations handle issues that are related to training, task assignment and even remuneration.

Specialization: Help organizations handle issues that are related to training, task assignment and even remuneration.

College Recruiter

College Recruiter is an online job board that specializes in helping recent college graduates and students find internships and entry-level jobs. Understanding the need for young graduates to gather sufficient experience, which is often a requirement in landing jobs with top firms and organizations from all over the world, this website links young college graduates with existing and arising opportunities in entry-level and part-time jobs.

This website is the most suitable for young graduates who are looking to gather experience in their field of practice. Students and young graduates in search of Internship opportunities can also use this website as it contains internship and part-time openings existing in companies.

Specialization: Online job board helping recent college graduates and students find internships and entry-level jobs.


Outsource is a freelance website that allows potential employers to directly contact freelancers. The services offered on the website range from marketing, content development, maintenance and financial analysis services amongst others. Employers can directly interact with freelancers in their local environment.

The platform also allows freelancers to choose from a pool of projects based on their skillset. Once contacted by a prospective employer, both parties can then reach an agreement on the project and other details involved. By facilitating efficient communication, the platform allows both parties to appropriately communicate on what is expected from a project.

Specialization: simplifies the communication between employers and freelancers.


Gigbucks is a micro-outsourcing website that features services ranging from $5.00 to $50.00 in price. These services are versatile and listed under categories such as business, advertising, programming, writing, social marketing, and even “silly stuff.” It costs nothing to post gigs, but the website has received some negative feedback regarding its timeliness and willingness to pay freelancers.

Other than that, Gigbucks is free and operates with everyday payment systems like PayPal. Each gig displays ratings, likes, and work level, as well as other services offered by the freelancer.

Specialization: Micro-outsourcing site capped at $50.00 per job.

Creative Group

The Creative Group If you are searching for the best and brightest minds to help with an ongoing project, you might want to consider this website. They help find the best fit for the kind of jobs you have. Whether on freelance, contract or full-time basis, you can be rest assured that you’d find the best talent for your project at the Creative Group.

When it comes to Creative and marketing personnel, this website has a selection procedure that is based majorly on a person’s skillset and experience in the needed area. This makes the process of getting the best talent for a job more convenient and efficient.

Specialization: Find out how we can help with hiring and job search needs, access the investor center, alliances and community outreach.


Parttimerz is a freelance website designed specially for startups and visionary entrepreneurs. The website offers startups access to several freelancers. Business consultancy, Brand identity design, financial analysis, Search engine optimization, infographics, blogging, marketing amongst a number of other services are offered by expert freelancers on the platform.

The website offers startups and visionary entrepreneurs’ access to other professionals they need to execute basic projects when starting out. When starting out as a business, Parttimerz would be a good hub to access needed resources.

Specialization: Business consultancy, brand identity design, financial analysis etc


LocalSolo is a local freelancer platform that seeks to connect freelancers and agencies that need their services. With a network of over twenty-five thousand local freelancers, the website offers clients access to expert freelancers. With LocalSolo, it is easy to find the local talent and skillset you need to execute your projects.

Several agencies have used LocalSolo and have found the experience to be delightful. Agencies can search through the network and directly contact the freelancers with details of the job. However, agencies can also post their jobs and let freelancers reach out to them. The website can also help agencies short on time, find the most suitable freelancer to help them.

Specialization: LocalSolo seeks to connect local freelancers with agencies that need their services.


Copify is a content-writing service based in the United Kingdom. Freelancers are hired to write website content, blogs, e-commerce content, articles, press releases, and emails. An application must be submitted and rates for freelance work are fixed at $0.06 per word for standard copy and $0.08 per word for professional copy.

Copify has done away with the bidding process and matches clients and copywriters directly. WordPress clients can even place their orders directly from their WordPress dashboard. Freelancers who are unable to work for brief periods can set their account to “holiday” mode and return when they’re ready.

Specialization: Copify is geared toward experienced copywriters living in the United Kingdom or United States.


Contently focuses on connecting freelancers with marketing and audience engagement clients. The site offers a multitude of resources for freelancers including a rates database, which shows what clients have paid for past jobs, advice articles on topics like freelancing while pregnant, the best locations to write from, and avoiding common mistakes.

It even includes a rate calculator that helps freelancers determine what rate is best for a specific project. Freelancers start with Contently by first building a free portfolio. Once that’s optimized, their team reviews past work and matches the portfolio with a client. Finally, freelancers complete a tutorial to be approved.

Specialization: Contently is best for freelancers with multimedia expertise in areas like photo editing, art direction, writing, and video production.


Clearvoice is a content marketing platform where agencies can connect with freelancers. Freelancers get started by building a free CV and portfolio on the site that can be easily shared with social media accounts. After the CV is completed, freelancers can join ClearVoice’s talent network and start reaching out to clients.

Payment for completed jobs is processed through PayPal. ClearVoice features a robust support network, including tips on creating a successful CV, FAQs, and a life chat option. Freelancers choose their pay range, industry, and experience level to get matched with clients’ needs. ClearVoice works with a range of top-of-industry clients.

Specialization: ClearVoice is best suited for freelancers with writing, editing, graphic design, and content strategy skills.


Hireable is an online job board and free job posting platform. On this platform, potential employers can make their staffing needs known to on through a customized search engine, the platform shows openings when job seekers type in related keywords. Apart from this, the platform also has a notification feature that alerts freelancers when a job opening in their area of work is posted.

The platform is also customized to tailor the notification only to freelancers with desired qualifications. The website also possesses a platform to search for expert writers, editors, proofreaders, translators and content strategists.

Specialization: A unique staffing solutiondelivered through a sophisticated search engine..


Nexxt is an online job board and job posting platform that helps job seekers find job openings in a friendly work environment. Upon signing up, job openings are sent to the job seekers as they arise. The website also has access to specialized websites for job seekers who have a particular selected career in mind. Each website in this category is designed to only show job openings in the selected area of specialization.

The website also possesses a location specific access to websites for job seekers that want to limit their search to a particular location. This makes their search more convenient and efficient.

Specialization: Nexxt has extensive reach and is most suitable for both large and small organizations.


SimplyHired is a job board site where companies post a variety of job offers, including in-store positions and on-location offices. Seekers can search by location, type of job, salary, or company. SimplyHired also cross-posts to other job boards like Indeed and GetHired. 

Rather than functioning as a communication platform and payment processing service, the site simply posts available positions that seekers can apply for directly via company websites. Email alerts based on keyword searches are available for free. SimplyHired offers a salary estimator and several search filters.

Specialization: SimplyHired is literally for anyone who can build a resume, but few remote jobs are posted.


VAnetworking is a site run by Mediamage Business Solutions and has been operating since 2003. They have an array of resources for existing or aspiring virtual assistants, from instructional videos and e-books to a free VA member lounge. Aimed at coaching VAs to build their services into a business, VAnetworking approaches each person as an entrepreneur.

The site recommends VAs start with building their own website and securing a domain off-platform. From there, they explain how to set rates, check legal requirements, and use social networking to boost sales. To connect with potential clients, VAs can search VAnetworking’s job board.

Specialization: VA Networking is ideal for work-at-home entrepreneurs looking to expand their business.


PeoplePerHour is a freelancing platform that’s been doing business online since 2007. Although they are based in the UK, PeoplePerHour accept clients and freelancers from all over the world. To be eligible to accept clients, freelancers first submit an application and then build a profile once they’ve been approved.

The profile includes space for a portfolio and career experience. Based on that profile, PeoplePerHour’s AI system searches and matches freelancers with potential clients. Freelancers bid to win projects and are able to submit 15 bids per month for free. Custom offers can also be created and pitched to clients.

Specialization: PeoplePerHour is open to freelancers with a variety of skillsets. Available projects have included: YouTube Monetization, structural planning, HTML, and resume review requests.


OneSpace works with e-commerce retailers to research customer analytics and improve search rankings. Unlike many freelancer sites, OneSpace does not require a profile. Instead, freelancers search open positions and then apply to the jobs they’re interested in. 

If there’s nothing available in their skillset, freelancers can still submit an application and be contacted when new positions open. OneSpace offers career development resources like tips on filing taxes and how to attract clients. There are also guides and how-to videos. They also have a dedicated success team that works with clients to generate more jobs.

Specialization: OneSpace is great for freelancers who have data analytics, design, and marketing experience



Workhoppers is a site that posts positions for freelance, contract, temporary, or part-time job seekers. Those posting jobs can use Workhoppers to not only find help outsourcing, but also connect those positions to their social media accounts. Self-described as “built like a dating site,” Workhoppers uses algorithms to match clients and candidates.

Freelancers build their profile, indicating what their schedules are and location preferences. Email alerts and a personalized dashboard inform candidates when there are matching open positions. After a job is finished, freelancers get paid 100% of earnings and can request client reviews.

Specialization: Workhoppers is ideal for university students, stay-at-home parents, and semi-retired job seekers.


Airtasker, an Australian company and an online marketplace, facilitates the outsourcing of everyday tasks. Users give a brief description of the task, as well as their budget. Here, you can access thousands of skilled professionals to complete your to-dos once and for all.

With top-rated insurance and secure PCI-DSS compliant payments, Airtasker is safe to use. Some of the companies partnering with Airtasker include IKEA, Amazon, eBay, and Coles. 

Specialization: Airtasker supports multiple categories


Outsourcely connects businesses and startups with talented, remote freelancers around the world. Project managers, content writers, online advertisers, virtual assistants, software developers, video editors, and many more are eager to help.

Over 300,000 reliable and competent remote workers are members of Outsourcely, most of whom joined the site expecting to earn stable, long-term employment and career growth, all with innovative ideas and professional-grade skills.

Specialization: Outsourcely connects businesses and startups with remote workers.


Greatlance is one of the smaller freelance websites, but it offers a lot of great resources for both buyers and freelancers. A blog, deals, a freelance startup guide, and a list of useful tools, such as project management aids, as well as cloud hosting and storage suggestions make Greatlance a perfect fit for first-time freelancers and buyers who are looking for a bit more guidance.

There are thousands of freelancer profiles to browse through and, unlike other freelance websites, it features a “deals” page for freelancers to list their services at a reduced price.

Specialization: Perfect for first time buyers and freelancers of all skills.


iFreelance allows buyers to post jobs for free as well as communicate with freelancers through the website. Freelancers must pay a subscription fee to bid for projects and keep a profile, but they don’t have commissions or transaction fees deducted from their pay. Subscription plans are affordable and start at under $7.00 per month.

Popular categories on the site include accounting and finance, legal, graphic design, data entry, and many more. All projects and freelancers on the website are supervised to eliminate fraudulent activity.

Specialization: None. iFreelance is a standard freelance website with multiple categories.


Microworkers helps connect employers with workers from the world over. The website provides an easy way for freelancers to make money and for employers to get things done. Microworkers is free to join for people from all countries, and the tasks are typically quick, simple jobs such as visiting a web page, commenting on a blog post, or liking a YouTube video.

Other micro jobs include data mining, surveys, data matching, transcription, and many more. Microworkers can improve their success rate and reputation to increase their star ratings and chances of being featured as “best workers”.

Specialization: None. Micro task site dedicated to small, simple jobs.


SEOClerks is a micro job marketplace that exclusively offers SEO services to buyers. Job categories include but are not limited to link building, social networks, graphics, and content writing. If a buyer can’t find what they need, they can post a project in the “want to buy” section and freelancers will respond by bidding for the job.

SEOClerks is unique, offering trade opportunities in which service providers can trade services with one another rather than paying cash. Communicate through the website for added security. Joining is free and fast. A variety of options are available for making payments including bank cards and credit cards.

Specialization: The site specializes in SEO services.


Findeavor deals with micro jobs that cost between $5.00 and $500.00. Its range is perfect for buyers with a limited budget and even better for sellers looking to make a lot of small sales. It has multiple unique categories including Sports and Nutrition, Resume, and Gift Ideas, as well as work related to social media sites, like Twitter, Tumblr, and LinkedIn.

You have the option to browse by category or by price, depending on what your needs are. It even has a small blog to help you figure out how to buy and sell on micro job sites.

Specialization: None. Findeavor offers services in a wide range of areas.


Gigbux is a micro-outsourcing site that focuses on jobs within the $5.00 to $20.00 range. It offers services in a variety of categories including art, technology, translation, business, and tips and advice. Gigbux works with PayPal or credit cards and allows buyers to track the progress of the service purchased.

The buyer has 48 hours to request fixes or changes to the completed work before the freelancer receives payment for the project.

Specialization: None. Gigbux offers services in multiple categories.


FlexJobs is best suited for well-established organizations and companies who are looking to work with freelance providers. If they accept a buyer’s invitation to work with them, they offer unlimited free job posting and candidate sourcing, as well as access to premier placement job postings, marketing packages, blog posts, and more.

Freelancers benefit even more from FlexJobs thanks to its plethora of flexible and well-paying jobs, including telecommuting jobs, part-time positions, and freelance work. Every job is hand screened to ensure they are legitimate. There is a fee to join FlexJobs, but users are generally satisfied with the service.

Specialization: None. Flex Jobs works with all industries.

We Work Remotely

We Work Remotely is a job board listing jobs that can be performed remotely by qualified people from all over the world. Employers are looking for help with programming, marketing, design, copywriting, and more. We Work Remotely is an ideal place for freelancers to find jobs and an even better place for employers to seek out qualified freelance talent.

Posting a job costs $299.00, and the post stays active for 30 days. Employers also have the option to highlight their job post on the board for only $49.00. Using the site to find jobs is free, and applications are submitted through respected company websites or by sending a resume directly via email.

Specialization: Remote work job board.


JournalismJobs helps writers and other professionals with journalism-related experience find employment. The job board is a great place for employers to seek out talent in writing, editing, reporting, producing, directing, and more. Prestigious companies such as ESPN, New York Times, Reader’s Digest, and Discovery Channel have used JournalismJobs to find professionals.

Job posting rates begin at $100.00 for a single post that stays active for 35 days. Other packages available include job postings for $400.00 and 12 postings for $900.00. Applicants apply for free, and they can list their resume on the site.

Specialization: Job board for journalism careers.

Authentic Jobs

Authentic Jobs is a job board for professionals seeking employment in the areas of design, user experience, app development, copywriting, marketing, and management. Jobs listed are either full-time, part-time, contract, freelance, or internship. Job seekers can filter their search by position level, company type, and compensation.

A “remote” button can be switched on to display only jobs that can be carried out from anywhere in the country or the world. Prices for posting a job start at $100.00 and posts stay active between 30 to 60 days. Authentic Jobs provides refunds or free reposting to customers who are not satisfied with the service.

Specialization: Job board for jobs in multiple industries.

Genuine Jobs

Genuine Jobs has been specializing in connecting people with work from home opportunities for over 12 years. The site requires zero payment for use, making it one of the most cost-effective for freelance and remote job searching.

The jobs list is updated daily to offer a fresh supply of work opportunities. Posting a job for 60 days costs employers $65.00. Each post is advertised across several high-traffic social media websites, receiving high exposure.

Specialization: None. The website deals with all types of industries.


Behance is a portfolio website that allows designers, photographers, and illustrators to display their work to potential clients and other artists in the online community. Membership and use of the website are free, and there is no limit to the number of projects or images a user can upload. Users can send and receive messages through the site.

Behance also has a job board where employers can post jobs related to these creative fields. Job posts start at $399.00 per month, and they are viewed by thousands of professionals every day. Some brands that have posted jobs with Behance include Google, Nike, Facebook, and Prada.

Specialization: Creative fields portfolio community and job board.


Freelanced is advertised as the “freelance social network” and the largest of its kind. Beyond setting up a profile, buyers can browse thousands of freelancers for hire in different skill categories and can post a job for free. Featured profiles include ratings and the freelancers’ rates or cost of hire.

Categories for freelance talent include graphic design, screenwriting, singing, photography, translation, and more. Freelanced offers one of the most diverse lists of freelancers available for hire online. Each freelancer profile features an “About” section, ratings and feedback, and viewable portfolios.

Specialization: None. This social network site is open to freelancers of all skill sets.


DesignHill is a platform commonly used by graphic designers to find work and share their designs. A one-stop marketplace for clients to obtain high-quality graphic designs, one acquires full copyright of a design after making the payment.

DesignHill is simple to use since the stages involved are simple. First, the client posts a brief description of a project, selects a package, and launches a design contest. Second, freelancers submit dozens of graphics to the contest you’ve launched. Third, get feedback and ask for unlimited revisions. Finally, the client chooses the best graphic design to purchase.

Specialization: DesignHill specializes in designing of graphics for your website.


99designs is a place where people can get great designs from freelancers at an affordable price. Specialties include package, logo, website, book cover, business card, and T-shirt designs. To get a design, build a design brief, choose a package, and launch your contest to a pool of over a million freelance designers.

Freelancers will begin submitting their designs, and you will have the opportunity to provide feedback and select your favorite within a week. The contest-winning designer gets the cash prize. Packages begin at $299.00 and go all the way up to $1,299.00. You also have the option to work with a favorite designer directly.

Specialization: Contest platform for design work.


DesignCrowd brings top graphic designers and buyers together at an affordable price with a specialized crowdsourcing system. DesignCrowd grants users access to over half a million skilled designers, and the average project results in the submission of around 50 unique designs. Design categories include corporate identity, web design, graphic design, and print design.

Posting your project on DesignCrowd costs a minimum of $59.00, but each user gets to determine their budget after paying the initial fee. Users can also browse designers and contact them directly. DesignCrowd is free to join, and payments are made via PayPal, Skrill, or Payoneer.

Specialization: DesignCrowd uses crowdsourcing for design projects.


CrowdSpring is a company that makes it possible for people to crowdsource their creative projects such as logo design, web design, and copywriting. Clients can also browse the many registered profiles and view each freelancer’s information, portfolio, and winning entries. Posting a project costs anywhere between $199.00 to $1,249.00 for much larger projects.

Projects receive at least 100 entries from talented designers, writers, and other professionals, but only the winning entries get the cash prize. Registration is fast and easy, and buyers benefit from a money-back guarantee if they’re not satisfied with the project results.

Specialization: CrowdSpring helps buyers crowdsource creative projects.


Textbroker is a website that helps verified US citizens connect freelance writers with clients in need. Once a writer has registered for free, they submit a writing sample, receive a rating, and complete their author profile before they can start making money.

Writers can choose jobs they want to work on, receive a direct order from clients, or join teams to receive projects paying per word. Registration is free for clients as well, with credit cards and PayPal for payment options.

Specialization: Textbroker is a writing service site.

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