Truelancer caters to buyers and providers of quality work in graphic design, writing, programming and technical support, administrative assistance, sales and marketing, music and audio, and more. Sign up for free with Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn, or your own Truelancer account. Buyers interested in receiving multiple options post a contest and await freelancers to submit proposals, selecting the best candidate for the job. Truelancer is easy to navigate with its card layout. Look through projects posted by freelancers to find a good match, or search through the list of freelancers working in your field. Buyers can also post projects free of charge for freelancers to peruse. Freelancers pay a 10% fee per project.

However, the site offers membership packages offering more perks and a smaller percentage taken by Truelancer for $5.00, $10.00, or $50.00 per month. Like buyers, freelancers can post projects they’re able to do for any interested parties, or else search for interesting projects or participate in the contests. Truelancer is one of the more inclusive and expansive freelance websites out there.

Specialization: None. Truelancer offers jobs in many categories for quality freelancers.


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