Speedlancer offers several job categories that freelancers can apply for. Although they change based on customer need, representative categories are: data entry, senior content writer, video editor, virtual assistants, and marketing designers. If these offerings don’t quite fit the bill, freelancers can sign up for email updates when additional openings become available. Jobs are generally in English and request freelancers in the United States, but many will accept international freelancers.

If Speedlancer is accepting applications for a particular category, the applicant, once accepted, will enter a pool of potential team members in that category. Tasks are routed to the team and individuals bid on those jobs. Payout happens once tasks are completed, although funds are not held in escrow by Speedlancer. Businesses who hire through Speedlancer can utilize either PayPal or credit card to make payments.

Specialization: All applicants to Speedlancer must have PR/media and SEO experience.


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