5 Benefits of IT Outsourcing Services and Network Support


​Given that IT and networking systems are complex and cover multiple fields of activity, your company needs an efficient network set-up that can harness the full power of technology. For this, you will want to rely on a local and reputable provider of networking services.

1. Let’s take a hypothetical situation... 

You and your brother set up a locksmith business in your community. When you started, you had computers for five people. Except for the occasional computer crash, things went well. But over the years, your company has grown, and each time you hired a new employee, you simply added another computer.

You now have 25 employees, and you are opening a branch in the nearest city outside your community. For the sake of security, a consultant advised you to:

  • 1
    Implement a network structure to connect your local office and the new branch for file sharing purposes.
  • 2
    Install adequate security measures, the two most important being firewalls and network surveillance.

Since your company holds a large volume of client confidential data, any security leaks could jeopardize your client relationships. You lack 100% control over your clients’ confidential information because they are held in different computers and you have no way of knowing which employee has what information. All client files should be saved on a central computer so that you and your brother can access them at any time without having to ask the employee responsible for the information to provide it.

That is your situation, but that is just one aspect of networking and IT systems. The final IT architecture needed for your business will depend on how many employees you have, how many clients your company serves, how many departments your company has and the type of your business or industry.

Given that IT and networking systems are complex, outsource an efficient provider of networking services...

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IT Outsourcing Services

2. What are the benefits of outsourcing IT and Networking Systems?

IT and networking systems fall under Information Technology, which covers many work categories. Many companies realize the cost benefits of outsourcing all or part of their networking requirements.

Benefit # 1: Technology and Knowledge

If you look at your human and material resources, can you honestly say that you have what it takes to set up an efficient networking system that takes into account present and future needs of the company? Is anyone in the company knowledgeable about information systems and does that knowledge qualify as expertise? Experience is another factor. Without network and IT experience, how do you know that you are purchasing hardware and software that will truly match your requirements?

Benefit # 2: Cost Benefit

While it may not seem like a less expensive alternative, outsourcing your IT needs instead of hiring full-time employees will save you money. That’s because you do not need to provide them with benefits, and you only need to pay them when they are working.

Benefit # 3: Service Contracts

When you outsource IT and networking systems technology requirements, your provider company will usually offer a service level agreement (SLA) package. It covers replacement of hardware in the event of defects or malfunction, remote surveillance, training, and other auxiliary services.

IT provider companies not only implement hardware and software solutions, but also automatically provide you with 24/7 access to their support and resources.

Benefit # 4: Programming Essentials

IT company providers have the staff and programming know-how to provide top level support. Instead of hiring programmers and finding out what programming languages you ought to use, outsourcing allows you to leave this part of the process entirely in the hands of your provider. Note that certain programming languages are good for specific tasks while others will not work for the kind of tasks you want to accomplish. Only a knowledgeable and experienced provider can guide you in this aspect.

Benefit # 5: Software Licenses

Your provider can purchase the necessary licenses on your behalf. You will not need to get involved in the actual purchase because some IT company providers integrate the licenses into the services they offer. They are the ones who keep track of expiry dates and know what steps to take whenever an additional user joins the pool of license holders.

Benefits of outsourcing networking requirements like purchase of software, hardware & licenses on your behalf...

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3. What IT and Networking System jobs can be outsourced?

Under the mantel of outsourcing your IT and networking systems, specific IT jobs that can be outsourced include:

  • Operating Systems
  • Network Administration
  • Network Design
  • Server Administration
  • Information Security
  • Information Systems
  • Database Administration
  • Firewall and Security

As the IT industry evolves and new technologies are introduced, this list could be expanded to include specializations and special niche projects that can be one-off or ongoing jobs.

Note that under each category above, there are subcategories to consider. For instance, in operating systems, small and medium size companies need to decide if Linux, Microsoft, or Open Source will be their main platform. In network administration, there are issues like administrator permissions, access, user names and passwords that need to be settled before the actual network administration can be implemented.

4. Which skills does my provider need to have?

When you’re looking for outsourced IT and networking service providers, you should verify their skills before you hire them. You always want to make sure that you form connections with qualified professionals to avoid getting botched or subpar services. You should also evaluate the professionalism of each individual before deciding who to hire. It will make the difference between a job done poorly and job done well and on-time.

Your provider must possess technological skills such as operating hardware and software. They need to be deeply familiar with any programs they will use to set up, repair, or manage your networking systems. They also need to possess problem solving skills since they are often needed to identify errors, resolve issues, and problems for both hardware and software.

What IT & Networking System jobs can be outsourced? Operating Systems, Network & Server Admin are some!..

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Make sure to check your provider’s language skills as well. Communication is key in IT and networking systems projects, and you want to work with someone who can understand you perfectly and make themselves understood without difficulty. You want to get exactly what you need, not your provider’s interpretation of your needs.

Information Technology Outsourcing Definition

5. Is it safe to outsource my IT and Networking Systems jobs?

Using outsourcing as a tool can be incredibly safe in addition to being cost effective and resourceful. By implementing contracts, you can protect yourself, your business, and your employees, and you can guard yourself against unwarranted charges and agreement disputes. Without a contract in place, your provider may try to increase rates, add unnecessary fees, or recommend irrelevant services at an additional cost. Most service providers are honest and avoid conducting their businesses in a fraudulent manner. They would rather have a good reputation than harm their clients.

However, there are service providers in every industry who try to swindle unsuspecting customers, so it’s important to guard yourself with written agreements. There are a few types of contracts that you can implement to prevent getting yourself and your business into a shady situation. 

It’s also important to do a little bit of research on your provider before hiring. A quick internet search may reveal any past dishonest behavior and attempts to scam customers. Contacting their previous employers will give you a better idea of what it’s like to work with this person, team, or business. This is also a good time to verify the provider’s experience and ensure that they have the skills and knowledge to carry out your job. It’s important to take these steps to verify the provider’s qualifications and ensure your safety and security.

Is it safe to outsource my IT and Networking Systems jobs? By implementing contracts, you can protect...

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IT and networking service jobs are best outsourced to professionals who have technological skills and work experience. Jobs that can be outsourced include network administration, network design, information security, and many more. Outsourcing these jobs grants you access to technology and knowledge and allows you to save time and money. You can protect yourself and your employees by using contracts while working with outsourced providers.

We hope that this overview has piqued your interest for considering whether online outsourcing is right for you. If you're ready for the next step, check out our books and the many freelance marketplaces to explore how freelancers can help.

If you liked this article or have anything to say about any of the points made, please leave a comment below, we would love to hear your views. Thank you.

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