The 3 Benefits of Outsourcing Sales and Marketing Services


Sales and marketing are core activities that assure the company’s continued profit growth. They link your company directly to customers – the people who will decide whether your company stays in business. This type of job calls for a lot of creativity and technological know-how on the part of the marketing staff, so not everyone can fit into this type of team.

Your engineering department, for instance, focuses on designing and manufacturing products. They do not have to contact customers directly to find out what they think of the product. However, your sales and marketing personnel do. They collect opinions about the product from customers and find out what they think should be done to improve it. Then they pass the information on to the engineers.

It is the same with your accounting department. They ensure the sales numbers match sales targets and that there is enough cash flow. They then allocate funds for your marketing budget, and sales and marketing make the decisions as to how much needs to be spent in order to sell and market a product effectively and persuasively.

Sales & marketing are core activities that assure the company’s continued profit growth, start now.

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The company’s main source of profit and revenue, therefore, will come from sales and marketing. Of course, human resources will say it is the employees that make a company, and the IT department will say it is efficient communications systems that make a company. But let’s face it: without salesmen and marketers, there would be no sales. If there are no sales, how does a company survive?

Outsourcing sales and marketing

1. Outsourcing Sales and Marketing

You are probably asking, if sales and marketing are such crucial tasks, why outsource them to third parties? Why would you entrust your sales and marketing tasks to people you do not even know?

There are many reasons for doing so, but I will give you the best three reasons to outsource your sales and marketing jobs.

Reason #1 Cost

This has got to be the best reason for outsourcing sales and marketing. A company cannot expect one person to take on all sales and marketing functions, no matter how small the company is. Even at the start-up phase, sales and marketing hinges on teamwork. You will need more than one person to handle customer relationships, write-ups of marketing collateral, mailing campaigns, actual selling to customers, and establishing customer retention programs. How can one person do a good job if they are responsible for all these tasks?

You need more than one person to handle customer relations, mailing campaigns & actual selling! Outsource that today

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If you can afford to put only one person on your payroll, assign to him the task that he does best and outsource the rest. Do not allow your company to lag behind and miss critical deadlines because sales and marketing bring in the majority of a company's profits. By outsourcing some aspects of your sales and marketing tasks, you pay only for the finished product. You need not worry about vacation benefits, health benefits, or training.

Reason #2 The need to cope with industry practice

Sales and marketing tools and knowledge keep changing. When the internet became a virtual marketplace, many of the traditional beliefs about sales and marketing were replaced by newer ways of thinking and doing. Who thought 15 years ago that email marketing would turn out to be a powerful marketing method? Or that writing a landing page that converts visitors to buyers requires a special set of talents?

Reason #3 Left brain analytics

Poping Lin shared the idea of Gail J. McGovern, a Harvard professor, about outsourcing some marketing task in an article published by the online version of Working Knowledge (a Harvard Business School publication). Professor McGovern said, “The benefits to business include cost savings and improved quality." Additionally, many companies lack "left-brain" analytical skills in-house, even though those skills are becoming more important than ever in an age of one-to-one marketing, so they turn to outside expertise to fill this need.

2. Sales and Marketing tasks that can be outsourced

Some experts will argue that there are certain sales and marketing tasks that should not be outsourced because they might lead to a breach of confidentiality or a threat to a company’s intellectual property. However, there are ways to address these concerns like signing a non-disclosure agreement (NDA).

There are mechanisms in place that will protect your rights as a business owner. Your sales and marketing strategies will remain confidential, provided you use confidentiality statements, non-disclosure agreements, and non-compete clauses, which a good and experienced lawyer can draft for you.

Perhaps there are sales and marketing documents that you need not share with an outside provider, but remember that in order to deliver a job to your specs, the provider must have access to tools and information so that he can understand what is expected of him. Business owners need to worry less about confidentiality breaches and more about getting the job done on time and on budget.

By outsourcing some aspects of your sales and marketing tasks, you pay only for the finished product. Start outsourcing now!

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Sales and marketing are two very broad categories and each one has its sub-categories. When looking for providers, it is essential to specify which task(s) you need. You cannot just say, “We need a provider to take care of our sales and marketing needs.” If you say this, you will either receive thousands of applications or none at all. You’ll also run the risk of attracting inexperienced amateurs who will take any job because they need the money.

Here is a list of popular sales and marketing activities you can outsource:

  • Advertising
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    E-mail Marketing
  • check
    Search Engine Marketing
  • check
    Telemarketing and Telesales
  • check
  • check
    Public Relations

Each of these requires a special set of skills and relevant experience. You will want to hire the best of the best because you cannot afford to assign your sales and marketing jobs to people who cannot deliver the goods.

The first step is to attract the right candidates. How do you do that? By writing an effective job description that draws the most qualified candidates to your job, you can invite applications from the expert marketers. Your description should be detailed enough to deter unqualified people from applying, and it should have all the information applicants need to decide whether they are capable of carrying out the project.

Sales and marketing strategy

3. 6 tips for creating an effective job description

1. Define the tasks to be performed

You should never be too brief or unclear when writing your job description. An unfocused description can invite too many applicants to apply, and they may not be the kind you need.

2. Introduce your operation

Introducing your organization or business can give providers more information on your overall goals for the project. It can also attract people who have worked with similar organizations.

3. Specify your language requirements

Communication is important in any outsourced project. Specify upfront which languages your provider needs to be fluent in.

4. Include a timeframe

Including a timeframe in your job description will let a provider know if your project suits their availability.

5. Provide details for compensation

This is one of the most important details to include in your job description. Be clear about whether it’s an hourly or fixed rate project, how much you plan to pay, and your maximum budget, if you have one.

6. Include confidentiality information

It’s especially important to implement these when dealing with sensitive data and materials that are not to be released to the public. Be specific about which confidentiality agreements you will require your provider to sign.


Sales and marketing professionals carry out some of the most important tasks for businesses. Without them, many people wouldn’t know that your business even exists. However, sales and marketing services vary, and it’s difficult to find one person who is great at every task. Outsourcing your sales and marketing roles online is a great solution to this problem, and it’s also a way to save time and money.

Outsourcing your sales & marketing roles online is a great way to let your business succeed and save time and money.

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Outsourcing tasks such as advertising, email marketing, and branding can also help you keep up with trends in sales and marketing, making your campaigns more efficient. One of the best ways to attract talented freelancers is to create a detailed job description. It’s important to include in your job description things such as tasks to be performed, language requirements, and a time frame for the project.

We hope that this overview has piqued your interest for considering whether online outsourcing is right for you. If you're ready for the next step, check out our books and the many freelance marketplaces to explore how freelancers can help.

If you liked this article or have anything to say about any of the points made, please leave a comment below, we would love to hear your views. Thank you.

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