5 Benefits you Gain from Outsourcing Graphic Design

5 Benefits you Gain from Outsourcing Graphic Design


Graphic designers are admired and respected for their expertise in combining the latest imaging and photo-editing software with their creativity. They have the sixth sense of being able to tell whether the message is being properly communicated through text and color-effects. For example, they can tell when colors do not blend, when there’s a disconnect between font and theme, and when the background jars the psyche.

Graphic designers are often surprised at how individuals and companies just do not “get it.” They may want colors in their brochure that do not jibe with their mission, or they may order fonts that look out of tune with the content. This is one reason why we usually give graphic designers carte blanche when we have a major project in the works.

1. Outsourcing Graphic Design Projects

Your business will benefit greatly from hiring an outsourced graphic designer.

Benefit # 1 Professional Image

Outsourcing graphic design projects means you can rely on an experienced graphic designer who has both the tools and the artistic skills to give your company a polished image.

Your business will benefit from hiring an outsourced graphic designer who has both the tools and artistic skills!

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Benefit # 2 Messages Need to be Conveyed Properly

If you have great content, do not diminish its impressiveness by putting in design elements that create a gap in the reader’s mind. A graphic designer can achieve the right balance of text and image, font and color, and background and artistic elements so that your company’s messaging makes a good, memorable impression on your customers.

Design Outsourcing Projects

Benefit # 3 Access to the Latest Graphic Design Technologies

Graphic applications such as the Adobe suite of products can be quite expensive to purchase and maintain. Professional graphic artists will have all this technology, so you don’t need to.

Benefit # 4 Creativity is a Luxury

Graphic artists not only have the ability to draw, sketch and illustrate, but they are also able to generate ideas and to think outside the box.

Benefit # 5 Graphic Designers Can Help your Branding Efforts

Brands lend themselves to customers’ emotions and sense of pride. The mere fact of being attracted to the packaging of your product is a big win for you. Let your graphic designer help pull in more customers through intelligent and clever design.

2. Graphic Design Tasks You Can Outsource

Just about any graphic design job can be outsourced online as long as the provider possesses the necessary software and has an internet connection. However, graphic designers aren’t equipped to deal with every graphic design project that needs to be completed. Each task requires a different set of skills and area of expertise that not all graphic designers are familiar with. For instance, one graphic designer may be great at designing web pages but may not be as creative when it comes to making letterheads. With online outsourcing, you have the option to hire a different professional for each of your needs.

With online outsourcing, you have the option to hire a graphic design professional for your outward branding.

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Here are 8 graphic design tasks that can be outsourced online:

1. Logo De​sign

A logo represents your business in many ways, and you want to make sure this representation is accurate and recognizable. You should aim to work with a provider who has experience designing logos and ask to see some samples of their work. Some things to consider when creating a logo include imagery, words, colors, and shapes. Logos can be as simple as shapes such as the Nike swoosh, and they can be as detailed as the Starbucks logo with images, text, shape, and color. Depending on how you want to be represented, your logo should possess one or all of these elements.

2, 3 and 4. Business Cards, Letterheads, and Envelopes

Every business uses at least one of these paper products. Having a professional image on every one of your business materials will help solidify your reputation and make it easier for customers and clients to identify you as a brand. You can use a similar design on all three, or create a different design for each. Whatever vision you have in mind, your graphic designer can help bring it to life.

5. Banners and Posters

Banners and posters are often used by businesses as marketing materials because they have the power to recruit customers and increase sales. Banners and posters may be simple advertisements, or they may provide further details on products for customers to consider. Whatever your purpose for using banners and posters, an experienced graphic designer can do the job.

6. Billboards

Billboards can be extremely effective marketing tools when used properly. They can also be offensive, annoying, and distracting for drivers. You want to work with a designer who can help you get your message across appropriately. For example, if the billboard is going to be featured near a large highway, it’s best not to include anything confusing or that requires too much reading. Your graphic designer will have an understanding of how to achieve these balances.

7. Website design

Website design is crucial to most, if not all, businesses. At the very least, every business needs a website to post basic information and hours of operation. The website should display the company’s logo and other representative imagery and slogans. The layout of the website should be logical and easy to navigate, and the colors and fonts should be in harmony with the overall image and mission of the business. It’s always best to work with a graphic designer who has a lot of experience designing websites because they will know how to create an attractive and organized design that can even lead your customers to share your page or buy your products and services.

Whatever vision you have in mind for your logo & website design, your graphic designer can help bring it to life.

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8. Packaging

Packaging is another good way to keep your image in sync and to spread your logo and promotional materials. Adding the extra element of a personalized bag, for example, creates a marketing opportunity everywhere your customer takes their shopping bag. It also adds a professional touch that distinguishes you from your competition who aren’t taking such measures. Packaging designs can also be applied to cartons, shipping cases, metal cans, and more. If you have the funds available, designing your own packaging can give your customers a great first impression and act as reminders to return to your business for products or services.

Outsource Graphic Design Jobs


Online outsourcing is a great tool to apply to your graphic design needs. Outsourcing your graphic design projects can save you time and money, and it can also allow you to diversify the talent you bring in to carry out your various projects. Graphic design professionals can also help you with your marketing and branding efforts that will work to bring you more customers and sales.

Graphic designers can help you with marketing and branding efforts that work to bring you more customers and sales.

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The tasks you can outsource to graphic designers include logos, business cards, banners, posters, billboards, websites, and more. Each of these tasks is unique and requires a provider with specialized skills and related experience. Be sure to verify your provider’s skills and experience prior to hiring.

We hope that this overview has piqued your interest for considering whether online outsourcing is right for you. If you're ready for the next step, check out our books and the many freelance marketplaces to explore how freelancers can help.

If you liked this article or have anything to say about any of the points made, please leave a comment below, we would love to hear your views. Thank you.

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