5 Reasons Why Outsourcing Business Services is a Good Idea

5 Reasons Why Outsourcing Business Services is a Good Idea


Companies are not the only ones that outsource their business services. Freelancing individuals with an overflow of projects from clients would rather outsource some of their work than miss critical client deadlines or an opportunity to grow their business.

What about you? Don’t you sometimes wish you had more time to devote to other parts of your business that need your undivided attention? Or do you sometimes regret that you miss family time because your business has taken control of your life?

Life is funny. It used to be that the idea of a home-based business would bring us closer to our families and free us from the corporate shackle of a 9 to 5 job. But as your business grows, the amount of time for rest and recreation and our family shrinks.

I know this from personal experience. I was big on gains and could handle “tall” orders from clients, but I was small in delivering moral support and companionship to family members. In other words, I was feeling like a success in building cash reserves, but I felt like a miserable failure in building family ties. Then I discovered outsourcing. Learning to outsource my other tasks turned my life around.

They say first-time entrepreneurs have a difficult time letting go. In fact, determined perfectionists do not trust other people or are critical of their output because they themselves become their own reference for performance. While outsourcing projects, it is important to learn that successful outsourcing hinges on crystal-clear communication.

Providers appreciate complete and detailed information because they like to deliver the perfect job. When you communicate better, the project is completed to your specs and the client-provider relationship is more solid, resulting in trust and dedication.

Companies & freelancers with an overflow of projects could outsource some of their work.

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1. Why Outsource These Services?

Here are some compelling reasons to outsource business services:

Reason #1: Free time

Freeing up more of your work time so you can devote your efforts to those jobs you are good at or enjoy doing is one of the best reasons for outsourcing your business tasks online. It is impossible to do every task perfectly all the time, and there may even be tasks that you don’t like doing. As a result, you may run into problems, work slowly, or fall behind on your deadlines.

Reason #2: Improve your business

Spending your time on every task associated with your business can prevent you from putting the energy you need into growing your business. Also, because freelancers are experienced professionals, they can give you new ideas and insight for running your business more efficiently and keeping your customers satisfied.

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Reason #3: Learn to trust

If you’re the type of business owner or manager who likes to do everything yourself because you don’t trust anyone else to do the job right, this one is for you. You will find that when you find an online resource who meets your business needs, you will find yourself building trusted and lasting relationships with these talented providers whose services you may need again in the future.

Outsourcing can give you more free time, find and trust an online resource who meets your needs.

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Reason #4: Family time

Outsourcing allows you to free up time for important tasks, but it also grants you more time to yourself! It’s important to maintain a balance between work and home life. Missing important moments in your family’s lives for business meetings and other work-related duties simply is not worth it in the end. Likewise, skipping crucial work tasks to spend more time at home can slow or stunt the progress of your business.

Understand what is necessary for you to complete at work, establish a maximum number of hours you are willing to work in a week, and let your outsourced providers handle anything that spills over into your free time. That’s what they’re there for, and they’re happy to help.

Reason #5: Save money

Outsourcing a task versus hiring an employee can save you thousands each year because you are not paying for social benefits, holidays, vacation time, health and disability insurance, or annual salary increases. Providers may or may not offer low rates, but regardless of how much they charge, you save a lot more money outsourcing than you do when you hire in-house employees.

2. Types of Business Services to Outsource

Here are some business services you can continue to outsource successfully:

  • Payroll
  • Human Resources
  • Project Management
  • Engineering and Manufacturing
  • Financial Services & Planning

Thanks to modern technology, each and every one of these services can be carried out from a remote location. You can even work with people who are literally on the other side of the world as long as they meet your requirements. While you may not be used to the idea of handing over such responsibilities to professionals outside of your business, there are many valid reasons for doing so.

Let your outsourced providers handle anything that spills over into your free time; save money & experience more family time!

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All of these business services are crucial to running an efficient enterprise. It’s hard to deny the need for any one of these roles, whether you cover it yourself or have someone do it for you. You may have one person taking care of all of these tasks, or you may hire one or several individuals for each. When you need help with these types of services, turn to freelancers for help.

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3. Is It Safe To Outsource?

Many people have concerns about handing over important information to freelancers online. Will they share this information with someone else, or worse, with the public? Will they use employee information for fraudulent activity? Will they share it with our competitors or use it against us? These are perfectly logical concerns, but there are ways to protect yourself and your employees when dealing with online providers.

Like with any employee, you have the option to use contracts to protect your information, time, and money. With written agreements, you can prearrange conditions for payment, rules about confidentiality, and even milestones and payment schedules. It’s advisable to use contracts when dealing with any employee, especially online freelancers. To learn more about your options and which contracts are best for outsourced projects, see Contracts for Outsourcing – Protecting Your Virtual Real Estate.

Is it safe to outsource? You have the option to use contracts to protect your information, time, and money.

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4. Which Qualities Should I Look For?

While seeking out an online provider, there are several characteristics and qualifications to look for. First, your provider should have access to all necessary tools and technology required for the job. Your provider must also have an ability to communicate effectively in English and any languages used for correspondence and dealing with customers and employees. You can test your provider’s language skills before hiring by asking for a writing sample or you can check for any language tests posted on their freelancer profile. 


The next time you need additional help with a business service such as payroll, human resources, or project management, look to online freelancers for aid. You can save money and free up time for your main work roles and your life outside the office. Protecting yourself with contracts is easy when you have the right information, and finding a great provider is as simple as knowing where to look and what to look for. 

We hope that this overview has piqued your interest for considering whether online outsourcing is right for you. If you're ready for the next step, check out our books and the many​ freelance marketplaces to explore how freelancers can help.

If you liked this article or have anything to say about any of the points made, please leave a comment below, we would love to hear your views. Thank you.

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