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Outsource That - Assistant Bundle

Professional Business Bundle

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  • Do you want to start running your business, not your freelancers?
  • Would the help of an assistant or project manager free up your time?
  • How do you know what qualities to look for in a recruitment specialist  or a project manager?
  • Are you looking for ways to supplement your employees with outsourced freelancers?
  • Is outsourcing taking too much time, and you could use the help of a freelance recruitment specialist?

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Product Description

The Outsource That Assistant Bundle provides everything you need to feel more comfortable with hiring outsourced assistance, whether in project management, recruitment specialization or employee empowerment.

Book 1: What Can a Freelance Project Manager Do for You?

Trying to manage the freelancers you’ve hired can be tricky and time-consuming. That’s where a freelance project manager comes in. By outsourcing the management of your projects, you’ll save time and effort while having an accountable assistant who can keep track of your freelancers. This book teaches you about:

  • Project plans and descriptions
  • Preparing interview questions
  • Preparing provider profiles
  • The ins and outs of freelance websites
  • Sorting, interviewing and hiring applicants
  • Introducing your new project manager to your company
  • Training materials

Put the task of outsourcing work in someone else’s hands. This book’s appendices contain helpful resources such as online project management applications the top freelance marketplaces.
Book 2: What Can a Freelance Recruitment Specialist Do for You?

The process of hiring freelancers on its own can steal your precious time. This book teaches you the usefulness of an outsourced recruitment specialist, when it’s a good idea to use one, and when it’s not. Get an overview of freelance websites and how to choose the right recruiter for your business. Learn:

  • The recruiting process on popular freelancer websites
  • Advantages and disadvantages of using a recruiter
  • How to work with your recruiter to develop job descriptions
  • Working effectively with a recruiting specialist
  • The interview process

Put the task of selecting freelancers for your outsourced project in someone else’s hands. Use freelance recruitment specialists to find the best talent for your projects. If none apply for the project, you can bet your recruitment specialist knows where to find them.
Book 3: Empowering Your Employees with Online Outsourcing

If you’ve noticed that your employees are struggling with their workload, it may be time to let them outsource tasks and make their lives easier. Employees keep your company functioning, so ensuring their happiness is key to productive work profit in the long run. Learn how to assist your employees through:

  • Helping employees outsource some of their workload
  • Letting your employees hire freelancers to help them reach their goals
  • Understanding how empowering employees benefits your business
  • Giving each staff member a new level of possibility

Empowering Your Employees with Online Outsourcing will train you on how to help your business through helping your staff to outsource. Happy workers mean productivity, and productivity means a larger bottom line for your company.

The Assistant Bundle Benefits
When considering outsourcing work for your business, you might not realize that outsourcing itself can be time-consuming. This bundle offers you a look at the types of assistants you can hire to cover the outsourcing process for you. Stop working for your company and hire the people you need to make your company work for you.

About the “Outsource That” Series”
“The Outsource That Assistant Bundle” is part of the Outsource That series, a comprehensive resource for small business owners and managers who are ready to make the most of outsourcing opportunities but don’t quite know how.

What Now?
Having the information you need is the first step in understanding how online outsourcing can benefit you and your business. Regardless of whether new to this concept, stay one step ahead of your competition and purchase your copy of “The Outsource That Assistant Bundle” today.

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