Comparing Virtual Assistant and Employees
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Comparing Virtual Assistants and Employees

The Virtual Assistant Series

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Table of Contents:

  • Hiring a Virtual Assistant – Why times have changed.
  • Why you must be social.
  • Why what you dont know can harm you.
  • Are you living life according to somebody elses agenda.
  • Why your business is already more virtual than you think.

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Product Description

Businesses can only grow if they get the right type of help and engage the right amount of expertise. In past years, this would almost always have been provided by full-time or part-time staff. Today, the Virtual Assistant (VA) can fulfill many of these roles and provide additional benefits to the small business owner, too.

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About the “Outsource That Virtual Assistant Series”

“Comparing Virtual Assistants and Employees” is part of the Outsource That Virtual Assistant Series. These comprehensive resources are for those who are ready to start outsourcing to Virtual Assistants, but don’t quite know how, as well as for those who are already using VA’s but would like to learn more.

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