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Need Writing Services? Outsource That

Professional Business Library

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  • Have you ever dreamed of writing a book?
  • Would you like to have a blog, but just don’t have the time or skills?
  • Are you overwhelmed by trying to do all of your writing jobs by yourself?
  • Have you considered finding ghostwriters but are concerned about the cost?
  • Does your business require translated content, but you don’t know how to find qualified experts?

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Product Description

Business communications are tricky, especially considering how much people communicate online and through the written word. Your reader must interpret what you’re saying because they don’t have the luxury of hearing your voice or seeing your facial expression. As a result, your written text can easily be misunderstood or misinterpreted.

This is why the corporate communications departments of big companies go to great lengths to make sure their copy and press releases are as clear and concise as possible.

Writing meaningful, clear text is an art, and small companies usually do not have communications department with full time writers on staff. However, that doesn’t mean your company can’t benefit from well written articles, reports, or books that tell your unique story or compelling copy that sells your products.

“Need Writing Services? Outsource That” provides you with all the information you need about ghostwriting and translation. You’ll learn about the various writing services that are typically outsourced as well as helpful strategies to identify the right provider. This book also includes tips on project management, editing, proofreading, and formatting to make sure your writing projects are worthy of the bestsellers’ lists.

In this book, you will:

  • Get an overview of the different types of ghostwriting services, including translation.
  • Learn how to create a comprehensive project outline to make sure your ad attracts the right talent.
  • Find useful guidelines to help verify the skills and competency of providers who are bidding for your projects.
  • Learn project management strategies to keep any writing project on track and within budget.
  • View several samples that illustrate various writing types and formatting styles.

About the “Outsource That” Series

“Need Writing Services? Outsource That” is part of the Outsource That Professional Business Library, a comprehensive resource for small business owners and managers who are ready to make the most of outsourcing opportunities but don’t quite know how.

What Now?

Having the information you need is the first step in understanding how online outsourcing can benefit you and your business. Regardless of whether new to this concept, stay one step ahead of your competition and purchase your copy of “Need Writing Services? Outsource That” today.

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This book contains:
Content Pages: 79
Word Count: 17,291
13pt Paragraph text
These figures do not include: Title Pages, Table of Contents or Legal Statements.
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