7 Tips to Get Your Outsourcing Work Done For You


While outsourcing is an extremely beneficial tool, sometimes it is not enough to simply be able to outsource your tasks. Outsourced projects can quickly become overwhelming, and if you do not have the time to manage these projects adequately, things could get lost in the process.

For example, you may be busy dealing with your own work roles in your full time job, and tending to your freelancers during your off hours can have you working 80 hour weeks, which may leave you exhausted and feeling burnt out.

Sometimes it is not enough to simply outsource your tasks... 7 tips to get your outsourcing work done for you.

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1. Extra time spent outsourcing work

Outsourcing is a tool that can save you a lot of time and make you a lot of money, but for some, working too many extra hours defeats the purpose of working with freelancers, and it takes away the allure of online outsourcing altogether.

For many, of course, this is not a factor, and online outsourcing is a beneficial tool regardless of how many extra hours of work are required. The bottom line is that outsourcing does not have to consume any more of your time than you are willing to put in, and it can achieve any aim that you need or desire.

Outsourcing Pros and Cons

2. Who can help you outsource?

So, how can you get the same amount of work done without putting in too many extra hours? The real question is, who can help you to do that? There are two types of professionals who are dedicated to these specific roles: the Online Project Manager and the Freelance Recruitment Specialist. They can help you keep your freelancers in order and your projects going smoothly so that nothing is forgotten and nobody goes unchecked.

It is counterproductive to your projects if organization is missing and your team is lacking structure, so you want to make sure your projects are managed well to get the most out of your investments. Freelance recruitment specialists and online project managers can often be hired for a minimum cost, but their presence in your project or business will result in a big payoff.

3. The online project manager

The online project manager can come in very handy when there is a lot of work to be done and several freelancers to be managed, which is generally done using the tools the freelance websites have to offer. Your online project manager is there to handle these time consuming challenges and make your business more organized and successful.

They can be responsible for motivating your freelancers, relaying their next tasks to them, and bringing your project together from start to completion. In addition, your online project manager can take part in the project planning process so that they know exactly what to do and what is going on in every phase of your project.

They will become an essential player in your team of freelancers because they will create and maintain direction and prevent the project and workers from going into disarray.

4. Recruiting and hiring

Your online project manager may also hold more important roles beyond keeping track of your schedule and interacting with your variously located freelancers. For example, they may be made responsible for the recruiting and hiring process. This is a big step in working with freelancers, and having someone do it for you will save you a lot of time and energy.

Outsourcing doesnt have to take any time you are unwilling to put in, it can still achieve any goal, need, or desire

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You will, of course, want to remain part of the process, but allowing your online project manager to do most of the work will free up your time to focus on more important areas of running your business. Why is this necessary?

A significant amount of time goes into creating a job post, preparing interview questions, and examining the resumes of your applicants. In addition, carrying out these responsibilities requires skill and knowledge, especially if you want to attract and hire the right applicants. It is a good idea possess these skills yourself so that you can teach them to your online project manager if they do not possess them already.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Outsourcing

5. Qualities of a great project manager

When it comes to the actual recruiting and hiring process for your online project manager, there are several key skills and characteristics to keep in mind if you want to find the best suited professional for your needs.

Hiring an online project manager to manage your outsourcing will free up your time to focus on more important tasks.

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Before you make any moves to hire an online project manager, however, be sure to understand exactly what you need to in terms of freelance management as well as which qualities define the best professionals. Also get some background information on what you need to know when working with these online managers. You will be handing over major responsibilities to them, and you want to be sure that they are reliable and can carry out any task that needs to be completed.

6. The freelance recruitment specialist

While the online project manager is a great option, it is not the only option that outsourcers have. The freelance recruitment specialist is ready to step in and take on some of the most time consuming and important tasks that businesses must perform.

Freelance recruitment specialists help you locate and hire the best freelancers that the internet has to offer, saving small business owners time and money. These professionals often possess a unique set of skills and experiences that make them perfectly equipped to carry out the tasks of locating, screening, hiring, and even managing freelance workers.

7. Which outsourcing professional should I choose?

Choosing between an online project manager and a freelance recruitment specialist will depend upon your needs, your line of work, the tasks you need to delegate to your freelancers, and your personal preferences. There are many factors to consider when selecting someone to help you manage your outsourced projects, and these factors include experience, background, location, skills, and even personality.

An online project manager or a freelance recruitment specialist can perform all your outsourcing for you.

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Considerations include:

  • Whether you want to hire someone from outside of your country or would you prefer to hire people of your same nationality.
  • If you work with someone from a foreign country, how will you deal with language barriers or issues stemming from conflicting time zones?
  • What level of education will you require from your online project manager or your freelance recruitment specialist?
  • What type of background or experience do you want this person to have?
  • How much responsibility are you willing to hand over, and when?

These are all important questions that need to be asked in order to help you understand your own needs before creating a job description that will attract your online project manager or freelance recruitment specialist.

Outsourcing Work


Having one of these professionals to aid you will be invaluable to your business in numerous ways, and they will increase the capacity of work that you can take on. They will also increase the number of freelancers that you are able to hire, since you will have someone to manage them and keep track of them on a regular basis.

Whether you keep them hired in a full time or part time position, having this person on board will give you an extra advantage, and they will allow you to do more, worry less, and have everything carried out in proper sequence so that your projects always come together successfully.

We hope that this overview has piqued your interest for considering whether online outsourcing is right for you. If you're ready for the next step, check out our books and the many freelance marketplaces to explore how freelancers can help.

If you liked this article or have anything to say about any of the points made, please leave a comment below, we would love to hear your views. Thank you.

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