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The FREELANCER Series - Feelancer Level

  • Discover how to start your Freelance VA Business.
  • Discover how to get well-paying clients.
  • Discover what clients want from freelancers.
  • Discover how to grow your profits by working smart.
  • Discover how to develop a strong work ethic.

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Are You Curious About​
How You Can Actually Turn Your Skills into a Business?

Congratulations for Taking the First Step!

Are you a freelancer who only does sub-contractual jobs?
What if you can actually use your skills to start your own business?
Of course, you can!

Perhaps, you are a Virtual Assistant who works 30 to 40 hours a week…
...or you work as an in-house web developer.
And maybe what you are earning is not enough…
What if I told you can make that skill a BUSINESS?
Are you ready now?

​The Main Goal

The goal here isn’t just to make more money. The goal here is to give you unique content to help you to launch a business that you will actually love running.

We want you to become the best version of yourself. Bring your passion to life by starting your very own Freelance business.

​What is the Strategy?

The strategy here is how you will market your skills.
Do you have the skills that your target market needs?
If yes, then great!
If no, don’t worry, you can learn the saleable skills in this FREELANCER Series.

Skills that YOU CAN Offer in your Freelance Business:

Admin Support

Writing Services

SEO & Link Building

Graphic Design

Sales & Marketing

Project Manager


IT & Networking


So, How Do I Get Started?

By choosing the skill that could resonate with your target market, you can start your very own online business, as a service provider!

Our guess is, after reading up to this point, you are probably feeling swamped with information, ideas, and new learning.

The good news is, we have a simple solution.

The Outsource That Freelancer Level
Start Your Freelancing Business like an Expert

Why is the Freelancer Level Membership Worth It?

We guess you are having a good time learning all the free stuff in the Free Membership level… All of the basic information that you need to know about outsourcing is in there.

However, truth be told, it is not exactly targeting a freelancer, is it?

You have more to learn and this could be your guide –

​Outsource That - Freelancer Level Membership
Be Your Own Boss TODAY!​​​​​

Let's say you are already tired of working in your 9-5 job, and you want to free up your time…

...or maybe, you have multiple freelance hustles on the side, but still..., you are not earning enough.

Is it really possible to get out of your 9-5 job?

How do you about it?

Well, we got you.

​We created the Freelancer Membership Level for people like you...

People who want to get started with their​
own business TODAY!

In every step of starting your Freelance business, this will be your guide.

Even though the Freelancer membership level is not intended as a course specifically planned to get you there, we have a stack of unique content that will make it easier.

If Your Goal is to Launch a FREELANCE Business
If you are already tired of the employee-employer setting,
...and you want to become your own boss.

There are three important things you need to do:

Market and promote yourself.

Understand what your target clients want.

Get organized.

From a Newbie to an Experienced Freelance Business Owner

Market and Promote Yourself

  • The first step is marketing and self-promotion. That is necessary if you want to succeed as a freelancer.
  • People need to know you exist and that you are skilled, for them to hire you for their next project.
  • By now, you are probably wondering, “How can I market and promote myself?”
  • Surprisingly, the best way to do it is to enlist the help of your fellow freelancers!
  • Sales and marketing experts can help you turn your freelance hustle, into a lucrative business, and at a budget price.
  • Just like you, expert sales and marketing freelancers offer their services at a reduced cost. That is because they do not have to pay for office space and other exorbitant business expenses.

Understand the Needs of Your Clients

The second step is to understand what your clients want, and it goes beyond asking questions in a job interview. To improve the way, you do your freelance business, you must understand the traits and skills your clients are looking for.

Most of the time, freelancers do not know that they are making a mistake. What may seem like a good idea to them is usually a major turn-off for clients. Gaining a sense of how clients view freelancers could be among the most valuable investments you will ever make.

Get Organized!

The third step is to get organized. Remember, no one is there to remind you of your deadlines or kick you out of bed and make you go to work. It’s your job to set up a good schedule, meet your client’s requirements, be available as necessary, and work at a pace that can financially support you.

Here are a few key tips to help you get and stay organized:

  • Wake up and go to bed at the same time every day.
  • Avoid putting yourself in places where you can become distracted.
  • Put your phone away while you work.
  • Track your work hours manually or through a tracking app.
  • Make a list of your open projects and their deadlines and put it somewhere visible.
  • Set aside money for taxes in advance.
  • Create a work calendar.
  • Schedule even small tasks such as updating a client, so that you do not forget anything.
  • Keep track of your payments and keep a copy of all invoices.
  • Getting organized will keep you from making avoidable mistakes and improve your working efficiency.
  • Establish yourself as a quality freelancer.
  • The sooner you begin practising good work ethics, the easier it will be to manage your time, projects and your finances.

You will not only learn about the freelance services you can offer, but also the exact steps to starting a Freelancer Business right now.

The Freelancer Level Membership includes​
the following key components:

In every step of starting your Freelance business, this will be your guide.

Even though the Freelancer membership level is not intended as a course specifically planned to get you there, we have a stack of unique content that will make it easier.

  • The Freelancer Series - Twentyfour books from the Executive Level Membership
  • Bonus #1 – Two books from the Professional Book '100% off' Coupons
  • Bonus #2 – Three Bonus courses exclusive to the Freelancer Membership
  • Bonus #3 – Twentyfive Reports from Maximize Business Potential Growth
Worth Investing Time

The Outsource That
Freelancer Level Membership
An Investment in Yourself, and Your Business

Here is a Short Summary of Our
Freelancer Book Library
Plus, Bonuses, and how you can benefit from each of them.

Beginning Your Own Freelance Business

  • Start a freelance business to be your own boss.
  • Quit your job and begin a freelance business.
  • Start a freelance business and spend more time with family.
  • Start a freelance business to apply your offline skills online.
  • Start a freelance business to work from anywhere.
Beginning Your Own Virtual Assistant Business

Doing What You Love to Do in Your Business

  • Why you should base your business on doing what you love.
  • 5 building blocks for a successful start-up enterprise business.
  • Why you should have a positive mindset in business.
  • The importance of setting goals and having clear direction.
  • Why hiring a highly skilled virtual assistant is an excellent idea.

Massively Increasing Your Productivity

  • ​​​​How to massively increase your productivity.
  • How to quickly boost your energy levels.
  • How to work less and get more done.
  • Three tricks to get more done in less time.
  • How to successfully overcome overwhelm.
Massively Increasing Your Productivity

​The Best Ways to Deal with Awkward Clients

  • Dealing with the absent-minded professor.
  • How to deal with a confused client.
  • Dealing with the micromanager expert.
  • The ungrateful client – Be careful what you suggest.
  • Clashing of professional personalities.
The Best Ways of Dealing with Awkward Clients

Virtual Assistants and Time Management Processes

  • Why you should take a leaf out of the client's book.
  • When it comes to time management, analyze first.
  • Using the 80/20 rule as a freelancer.
  • Five things to help you manage your time as a freelancer.
  • Five more things to help you manage your time as a freelancer.

Organizing your Home Office as a Virtual Assistant

  • Tips for organizing a home office.
  • What's the best computer for your home office?
  • 6 tips for lighting your home office.
  • How to choose the best chair for you.
  • How to choose the best desk for you.
Organizing your Home Office as a Virtual Assistant

The True Value of Cloud Computing Technology

  • Understanding Cloud Computing as a concept.
  • The exciting future of Cloud Computing.
  • How Cloud capacity is engineered.
  • Platforms and Providers – An insight into Cloud Computing.
  • Illustrating the power of the Cloud.
  • Differentiating between SAAS and Cloud Computing.
  • Who Are the Leaders in Cloud Computing?
  • Is Cloud Computing secure enough?
  • Some of the better Cloud based applications for the freelancer.
  • How the Cloud brings functionality to us all.

Online Tools to Increase Productivity

  • Freelances can help clients, using Pinterest.
  • Freelances can help clients, using Smilebox.
  • Freelances can help clients, using Flickr.
  • Freelances can help clients, using Photobucket.
  • Freelances can help clients, using Olioboard.
Online Tools to Increase Productivity

Using Cloud Based Support Desks Solutions

  • Why customers love businesses with online Support Desks.
  • The advantages of live chat on your online Support Desk.
  • What are the benefits of using online Support Desks?
  • Why your Freelancer should manage your Support Desk.
  • An analysis of different online Support Desks.
Using Cloud Based Support Desks Solutions

Using Cloud Based File Sharing Systems

  • Why Dropbox is one of the file sharing system leaders.
  • How Spider Oak takes your privacy seriously.
  • Why Sugar Sync may hit your sweet spot.
  • How Google Drive is a great option.
  • Why Box may be more suited to enterprise ops.
Using Cloud Based File Sharing Systems

Using Cloud Based Financial Management Tools

  • Freshbooks cracks the invoicing puzzle.
  • How Xero makes accountancy as painless as possible.
  • How Shoeboxed enables you to throw out your Shoebox.
  • How to ramp up your productivity with Receipt Bank.
  • How to watch the clock with Get Harvest.
  • How Minute Dock tracks time and integrates with Xerox.
  • Less Accounting live up to their promise.
  • Why Simplicity is great when it comes to getting paid.
Using Cloud Based Financial Management Systems
  • A Mint that doesn't cost you a mint to use.
  • How Buxfer approaches money-management.

Using Cloud Based Project Management Systems

  • The benefits of using a Project Management system.
  • Why Project Management systems are better than email.
  • Top tips for delegating via a Project Management system.
  • Project Management systems, what are they?
  • Six top benefits of using a Project Management system.
  • Why using a Project Management system is secure online?
  • Project Management systems can improve collaboration with VA’s.
  • Using project management spaces can save you time.
  • Project Management Systems – Essential for accurate record keeping.
Using Cloud Based Project Management Systems
  • Wunderlist – Business Edition
  • A review of Producteev
  • Chat service that refuses to slack off.
  • A few thoughts on Trello.
  • Tracky Project Management space.
  • How Project Management spaces will increase your productivity.

Using Cloud Based Content Curation Systems

  • – A review.
  • – A review.
  • – A review.
  • Content Curation, Social Media posting, and your VA.
  • Sourcing content for Social Media with Content Curation.
Using Cloud Based Content Curation Systems

Discovering the Digital Virtual Assistant

  • Boosting Siris abilities with a human VA.
  • How Microsofts Cortana meets some VA.
  • The Teneo Platform: Taking a digital VA to the next level.
  • Denise: A digital VA that offers a personal touch.
  • Virtual assistance options for work, home & everywhere.
  • What is Siri?
  • Using Siri for business purposes.
  • Top ten things you can do with Siri.
  • How Siri can save you money and help you manage your finances.
Discovering the Digital Virtual Assistant

Using Virtual Assistants and Travel Apps

  • 3 ways to enjoy a hassle-free trip.
  • 5 smart ways to make travelling easier.
  • How to plan your next trip effortlessly.
Using Virtual Assistants and Travel Apps

The Best Apps for Doing Business Online

  • Apps that help you do business online: Finance management
  • Apps that help you do business online: Time management
  • Apps that help you do business online: Project management
  • Apps that help you do business online: Mail management
  • Apps that help you do business online: Productivity management
The Best Apps for Doing Business Online

Keep Your Business Organized with Evernote

  • How Evernote helps to deal with the monkey mind.
  • How to synchronize your business life with Evernote.
  • How to enjoy that business trip even more with Evernote.
  • How to ensure that you don't feel guilty about surfing.
  • Why you will probably find Skitch to be invaluable.
  • Five reasons to use Evernote for productivity.
  • A VA can help you manage your contacts on Evernote hello.
  • How you can use Evernote and your Freelancer to find some daily “gold”.
Keep Your Business Organized with Evernote
  • Options to help you collaborate with Evernote and your Freelancer.
  • Ten ideas on how to use Evernote for your business.

The Best Internet Browsers for Your Business

  • What's an Internet browser?
  • Internet Explorer – Is it still worthwhile?
  • Google Chrome – Best in class?
  • Apples Safari Browser – Is it right for you?
  • Mozilla Firefox – Both sides of the fence.

Free Tools for Creating Professional Graphics Online

  • Using Canva to do professional design work.
  • Using Picmonkey to do professional design work.
  • Using Gimp to do professional design work.
  • Using to do professional design work.
  • Using Befunky to do professional design work.
Free Tools for Creating Professional Graphics Online

The Power of Webinars as a Business Tool

  • What is a Webinar?
  • The most popular Webinar systems.
  • How to make money from Webinars.
  • Why you should outsource your Webinars.
  • The complete guide to Webinars.
The Power of Webinars as a Business Tool

Apps for Securing Your Online Business

  • Smart security for online service providers.
  • The benefits of using IP Vanish in your online business.
  • Why you should use FileVault on your Mac
  • The best Anti-Malware solutions for PCs
  • Protecting your business: Anti-Virus and Anti-Malware
Apps for Securing Your Online Business

Tools for Encrypting Your Phone Calls

  • Nabishi Systems: From bedroom operation to market leader.
  • PhoneCrypt: Military grade for the various threats out there.
  • Silent Circle – Quickly making a noise in the industry.
  • Cellcrypt: Pioneering technology, year after year.
  • Secure Mobile: Offering a hybrid option.
Tools for Encrypting Your Phone Calls

Finally You Can Experience Your Dream Lifestyle
SURPRISE BONUS: The Virtual Assistant Series

  • Do you live for work? Why it’s not sustainable.
  • How you can work all the hours and still go backwards.
  • How to clone yourself or come up with an alternative.
  • How you resist expansion without even knowing it.
  • How to determine your life plan.
  • How everyone of us can be a Digital Nomad?
  • Using a mind map to open up possibilities.
  • How poor communication can affect all areas of your life.
  • Time to consider an alternative to the dysfunctional office.

Increase Your Income with Event Management

  • How Evenium events utilize relationship technology.
  • Why Skiddle is more than just a ticketing agency.
  • Why Eventbrite has become one a leader in the field.
  • Why there is a buzz about Eventbee solutions.
  • Why Xing is well worthy of consideration.
Increase Your Income with Event Management

Bonus #1 – Two Outsource That Professional Book Coupons '100% off'

Two Professional Book Coupons from the Professional Business Book Library


Bonus #2 – Three Bonus courses from the Freelancer Membership Level

Three Freelancer Courses

If you take what you learn from these three courses and apply it to your life, you will see almost instantaneous results.

​Launch Your Own Freelance Business
$37.00 value

Starting a business of your own is an effective way to take control of your time, balance your life, and make more money than you can in the traditional workforce.

Launch Your Own Freelance Business

​Launch Your Own Freelance Website
$37.00 value

Once you’ve decided to start your own business as a virtual assistant, you’ll want to create a website. Your website will function as your digital office.

Launch Your Own Freelance Website

Start Your Own Ghost Writing Business
$37.00 value

There is a large demand for people who are good with words who are willing to write for other people to help them bring their authorship vision to life. 

Start Your Own Ghostwriting Business

Grow Your Business AND Yourself

Bonus #3 – Twentyfive Bonus reports from Maximize Business Potential & Growth Series

Developing a Gritty Mindset

$18.50 value

Learn how to develop which mindset is necessary when overcoming excuses and failures.

​Learning to Stay Motivated
$18.50 value

Maintain the momentum by staying motivated: this book will help you take the necessary actions to maintain a successful business.

Planning Your Foundations
$18.50 value

This book will help you make sure you choose a niche with a solid foundation that is highly scalable.

Expand Your Reach with Networking
$18.50 value

Discover how you can network with competitors, marketers, affiliates, customers, and experts in your field to help expand your businesses’ outreach.

Aiming for Product Completion
$18.50 value

Learn how to ensure that you complete milestones you set for yourself and stay focused on the endgame by avoiding “shiny new object syndrome”.

Positioning You in Your Market
$18.50 value

This book will teach you how to dominate your market by studying your competitors’ faults, finding your target audience, and controlling the conversation.

Pruning vs. Growing Your Business
$18.50 value

Find out the difference between working on and growing your business to ensure that you are not wasting valuable time.

Skills to Learn for Success
$18.50 value

Learn about the following essential skills: Writing, Networking, Advertising, Video Marketing, Live Streaming, and Sales Copy.

Zeroing in On Trendy Topics
$18.50 value

There are some ways that you can keep up with the trendy topics so that you never fall behind the times. Learning how to research and be aware is an important part of your business success.

Outsource to Expand Your Income
$18.50 value

Many tasks involved in running a business are time drains. You should outsource these tasks so that your time is freed up to concentrate on growing the business. 

Customer Engagement Tips
$18.50 value

This book contains several tips that will help you optimize your customer engagement.

Outsourcing Accounting & Bookkeeping
$18.50 value

If your business requires any accounting or bookkeeping, this book will go over a number of different options at your disposal, including outsourcing.

Don’t Price Too Low
$18.50 value

Learn about pricing strategies to help make sure that you are setting proper rates for your customers and clients.

Writing Your First Book
$18.50 value

In this book, you’ll find helpful advice about writing and publishing a book for the first time.

Branding Your Business
$18.50 value

Read this to learn about the art of storytelling and how to brand your business to your ideal client.

Developing Your Sales Funnel
$18.50 value

Learn about what a sales funnel is, why it is essential for running a profitable business, and how to create one that converts.

Perfecting Your Sales Funnel
$18.50 value

Once you have a sales funnel in place, read this book to learn about more specifics to increase the effectiveness of the funnel.

List Building Using Giveaways
$18.50 value

This book will teach you how you can use giveaways to obtain an email list of potential customers and sell to them.

Developing Your Coaching Program
$18.50 value

Learn about how to develop a coaching program, what clients are looking for in a coaching program, and how to market and manage a coaching program.

Getting High-End Clients
$18.50 value

This book will teach you all about client-acquisition, including the value of clients and how to find more.

Creating Premium Packages
$18.50 value

This book discusses how creating premium packages can increase your business’ credibility, eliminate tire-kickers, and profitability.

Creating Business Systems
$18.50 value

Learn about several systems you can implement in your business to increase efficiency and make everything run smoother.

Hosting Profitable Client Days
$18.50 value

Find out everything you need to know about hosting VIP days to make sure it ends up profitable.

List Building Using Webinars
$18.50 value

This book teaches you the power of webinars and how you can create a webinar that grabs the audience’s attention and use it to build a list of potential customers.

Hosting Virtual Summits
$18.50 value

Learn all about virtual summits: what they are, their benefits, and how to make money from them.

The Outsource That 
Freelancer Level Membership
An Investment in Yourself and your Business

Investing in this membership will give you all the essential tools to become a well-informed, well rounded freelance service provider.

Freelancer Level Membership

"I want this!"

You Will Unlock:

  • The Freelancer Series - Twenty+ books from the Executive Level Membership
  • Bonus #1 – Two books from the Professional Book '100% off' Coupons
  • Bonus #2 – Three Bonus courses exclusive to the Freelancer Membership
  • Bonus #3 – 2 x Bonus reports from Maximize Business Potential & Growth

Pros & Cons


  • These book series will become your guide on how you can start your Freelance business.
  • If you are tired of being an employee, you can be your own boss.
  • This series gives you extensive knowledge to launch a successful Freelance Business.
  • You will discover your passion, and how you can use it to start and run your business.
  • You can choose to work from the comfort of your home.
  • This program can make you accountable.
  • You can create content through your website and blogs.
  • It teaches you valuable work ethics needed to run a business profitably.
  • Through the knowledge offered, this guide increases your confidence.
  • It can help you to take the risks needed to succeed.


  • When freelancing, time zones between you and the clients may vary, that may affect your working schedule.
  • You have to do all transactions and communications online.
  • To launch your freelance business, you need to invest time and money.

What You Get in Our Professional Level Membership

You get a total of 24 books from the Virtual Assistant Serries

All 100% relatable to Freelancers.


You get two
 "100% Discount" 
coupons from the Professional Book Series.


You get three Bonus Courses

to help you get started with you Freelance business.


You get two Bonus Reports

from the Maximize Business Potential & Growth series. 

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Here at Outsource That, we are so confident in the value that our membership plan will provide you, that we offer a 100% satisfaction 30-day money back guarantee.

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